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New features and more improvements

Our July update comes with many noticeable bug fixes and general improvements across the platform. This release also includes a number of new features. We would like to thank all of our users who continue to provide us with valuable feedback as we build out of the platform. As always, please feel free to message us through the chat box on Sentieo, or via e-mail at with any feedback or questions you might have. Here are some of our new features that we’d like to highlight:

Equity Data Terminal (EDT): Company Fundamentals

Included in the fundamental database are details regarding company, business, and geographical segments, as well as pre-calculated ratios and company statistics. We have financial data going back as far as 1983 on all companies in our coverage universe.

Beta Features

Here are some features that are currently in development. You are welcome to come try them out and to kick the tires! Please send any feedback to us by messaging us through the chat box on Sentieo or via email at

Launchpad (beta)

Use this tool to help you keep up on all of the stocks and industries you are currently following. You can configure this view to show the parameters you are interested in seeing on a regular basis. This is a great way to keep track of companies that you run across that don’t necessarily meet your valuation requirements but want monitor for the right trading opportunity.

Click here for a quick overview video.

Similar Tables New Format: Stitched Tables (beta)

In Similar Tables, there is a new button for Stitched Tables. This feature automatically merges similar tables into a single table. Save hours of manual work and generate quarterly models of -any- tables in 8Ks and 10K/Qs in a single click. Excel modeling of anything, from key metrics to cashflow operations to minor disclosures hidden in footnotes, has never been easier!

Yes, we’re officially declaring war on copy and paste. See Stitched Tables in action here.

Other updates:

  • Redlining Earning 8ks and proxy statements: Redlining now works on earnings 8-Ks and DEF 14A proxy statements.
  • Sub-categories for Global Filings: Global Filings are now categorized into financial reports, presentations, prospectus/listing documents, information circulars, and paper SEC filings.
  • Reworked Filters: We’ve made tweaks to our Smart Filters user interface to make it more intuitive and responsive.
  • Improved Synonyms: A few fixes for situations where searching the plural/singular version of a word would not find the other version of the word.
  • Fit to Screen Improvement: Users have the ability to choose between a regular page or fit to page view


  • Note Info button: Quickly view information relevant to your note
  • Customizable Templates: Templates can be used to create reusable note outlines (i.e. management meeting or earnings call)
  • Highlighting inside of notebook: The same highlighting and annotation capability in Document Search is now available for your PDF attachments inside of Notebook
  • Auto-sharing of notes with teammates: For users working in teams, sharing your notes has never been easier. With notebook auto-sharing, any note you create will automatically be shared with the rest of your team. Please contact us to have this feature enabled.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Now supporting:
    • bulleted lists (⌘/alt+shift+b)
    • checklists (⌘/alt+shift+c)
    • numbered lists (⌘/alt+shift+n)
    • left align (⌘/alt+shift+{)
    • center align (⌘/alt+shift+|)
    • right align (⌘/alt+shift+r)
    • paragraph indent (⌘/alt+m)
    • paragraph outdent (⌘/alt+shift+m)
    • moving list elements up/down (⌘/alt+shift+up/down).


  • Screener saving and loading: Save screen criteria for later use in your periodic screening


  • Axis manager: Use the “Axes” feature to group series onto different axes, set axis min/max levels, and control axis positioning.
  • Series Relabeling: Use this to rename custom indices or weighted lines in your plotters
  • Twitter UI improvement: Select from our saved starred twitter queries instead of having to type them up from scratch
  • Same Store Sales: Plot quarterly SSS growth split out by company divisions
  • Financial Metrics: Plot Thomson metrics data including segment revenues, units sold, and store openings


  • Sentieo Index for SSS added: For consumer names, view SSS and an SSS-optimized Sentieo Index to complement your analysis
  • Added coverage for over 20 new tickers

Equity Data Terminal

  • Institutional Holdings: Improved coverage of institutional and insider holdings. You can now click on a fund’s name to see all of its 13-F holdings.
  • Added the Streams view from iPhone/Desktop to iPad App: Now you can view key information from social media, news and company documents right on your iPad.
  • Added slide-out Watchlists on left menu bar to iPad App: You can use watchlists to keep track of those stocks’ latest news and price movements.
  • Added Sentieo Widget to iPhone App: Look up tickers from anywhere on your phone, even if your phone is locked. Access all iPhone app features from Doc Search to Notes with one swipe and one tap. To add, swipe down from the top of your screen, make sure you are on the Today screen, scroll to the bottom, hit Edit, find Sentieo, click the green +, and finally move the Sentieo Widget up the rankings for extra visibility.
  • Added Sentieo Mobile Web Clipper to iPhone Notebook App: Just like on Desktop, clip news articles and more from Safari, Mail, and anywhere else in iOS that has a Share button, sending it straight to your Notebook! To add, Share something, swipe the colored icons to find the More button on the far right, locate the Sentieo Mobile Web Clipper and drag it all the way up the rankings for extra convenience.

Full release notes:

View our full July release notes to learn more.

Updated on September 27, 2017

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