Sentieo v2.9

The team at Sentieo has been working hard to deliver new features and improvements across the platform. Please don’t hesitate to utilize the Live Support with any questions or feedback you may have. You can view all previous release notes here.

Below are a few items we would like to highlight in this release:

Section Search Filters – out of beta

We’ve greatly improved our Section Search algorithm and are excited to take this feature out of beta. With this filter, you can constrain your search results to specific sections of a 10-K or 10-Q. For example, find mentions of business challenges or opportunities only in the MD&A section of a 10-K. Additionally, this filters transcript search results to mentions by a specific individual or group. For example, find mentions of organic growth by ONLY the CEO or ONLY management.

Expanded 8-K filter types

You can now filter your search results to specific types of 8-K Filings. For example, search only in 8-K’s pertaining to Earnings:

Ability to customize document types for filing alerts

You can now fully customize SEC document types for filing alerts. The new CUSTOM option provides granular control over document types that trigger filing alerts:

Complete list of updates:


  • Section Search Filters out of Beta: Constrain your search results to specific sections of a 10-K or Q.
  • Doc Search UI:  The Doc Search splash page that displayed info related to recent searches, latest filings for followed companies and recently opened documents has been merged with the main Doc Search page.
  • Filter by 8-K Type: Filter your search results to specific types of 8-K Filings.
  • Export Hits to Excel: Information such as company name, snippet message, document title, document ID, etc. are available in spreadsheet format.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Bulk Document Download: Select All button is now functional based on your download limits.
  • Saving searches: Saving searches with smart filters will now properly apply those filters for alerts.
  • TableX menu bar: Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in table functions appearing in the wrong place.
  • Search Additional Years: Now automatically searches back 10 years instead of 5.
  • A large number of bug fixes: Improvement in the general usability of Doc Search.

Alerts & Watchlist Manager


  • Custom Document Type: You can now fully customize document types for filing alerts. The new CUSTOM option provides granular control over document types that trigger filing alerts.



  • Highlight sorting: Highlights can now be sorted by the order in which they appear in the source document.
  • Append text to existing notes: A typed note can now be added to highlight, email, and clipped notes.

Improvements & Fixes

  • RMS Dashboard: Further additions and improvements to the RMS dashboard views.
  • Note-count automatic update: The note count on the left side now updates to reflect the correct number of notes in your notebook without requiring a manual page refresh.
  • Rename uploaded documents: Titles of uploaded documents can now be changed from the title bar.

Equity Data Terminal


  • Stock Beta (β): Now available for all US stocks. Beta has been added to the summary page of the EDT within the Trading Data section. We also offer a rolling historical beta, calculated with various time frames on Plotter.

Excel Plugin


  • New series: Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP), Events, and Ownership data are now available on Excel. VWAP benefit from the same optional parameters as other market data fields (eg: min/max/cagr/median, tf=Xd/w/m/y), Events can be filtered by available documents (filings, news, transcripts), and Stock Ownership by holding value, shares outstanding, share of portfolio holdings and kind of institutional holder.
  • REIT metrics: AFFO / FFO per share, P/AFFO and P/FFO, key performance and valuation metrics for REITs, are also now available on the Excel plugin as well as other parts of Sentieo such as Plotter.
  • Calendarized data: Calendarized data is now available, especially useful when comparing various companies with out-of-sync fiscal year end dates.
  • New Optional Parameters: CAGR. It is now possible to retrieve the compounded annual growth rate of a time series of financial data or market data.
  • New Template: DCF valuations. Complementing the comp table and financial model templates already available to users, the DCF valuation template helps calculate a stock’s value based on the Discounted Cash Flow method.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Extensive stability and performance improvements
  • Relative time frames (“tf=”)  and other optional parameters extended to more series type
  • More sampling frequency options: day (d), week (w), month (m), quarter (q), half-year (h), year (y).


Improvements & Fixes

  • Template Fixes: Improved template to preserve time window settings.
  • Enhanced Plotter Sharing: Improved plotter shortlinks layout to improve sharing with non-Sentieo users.



  • Expanded Coverage: Significantly expanded small-cap and mid-cap coverage of mapped Mosaic tickers.
  • Segment KPIs: Increase number of KPI mappings for specific brands within tickers.
  • Google Trends Autocomplete: Direct Google Trends querying (e.g. for ambiguous terms like ‘sonic’ you can now directly pick ‘sonic drive-in’ from a list of autocomplete options).

Improvements & Fixes

  • Sentieo Index Units Change: Adjusted dashboard monthly and quarterly YoY units to be more comparable to company revenue growth.
  • Sentieo Index Twitter Integration: Improved methodology to clean outliers in Twitter data, improving quality of Sentieo Index.
Updated on August 22, 2017

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