Sentieo v3.1


Sentieo v3.1

We’ve updated Sentieo with a variety of small improvements and a couple of new features. As always, don’t hesitate to utilize Live Support for any questions or suggestions for Sentieo. We would love to hear your feedback on these improvements, so please share your thoughts with us! You can view all previous release notes here.

Below are some of the highlights from this release:

Transcript Sentiment and Linguistic Analysis

Over the last year we have been investing heavily in NLP & data science. Today we are excited to announce the release of Sentieo’s Transcript Intelligence Report, the first of many features built on a powerful new technology that lets us dissect documents and help you find insight.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 12.27.55 PM

The Transcript Intelligence Report provides automatic analysis on how sentiment and keywords for a given company have changed across quarters. The analysis automatically splits out Management vs. Analyst Sentiment in earnings call transcripts. We realize that sentiment analysis is in the nascent stages of investor usage, but we wanted to expose a teaser of what we are building. Feedback is welcome! Still got questions? Check out this support article.

Excel Plugin

Our Excel Plugin has gotten a major upgrade and is now capable of pulling all series found within the Sentieo Equity Data Terminal. As part of our RMS, we have also added the ability to upload your own data items from Excel directly into Sentieo. Uploaded data can be used directly in conjunction with Investment Thesis Templates to document your investment ideas, your firm’s data, and Sentieo data. If you are using the old plugin, please update immediately as we will be discontinuing support.

News Stream – Customization

We’ve added two very powerful and much-requested features to the News Stream to make it more customizable. You can now easily blacklist and control the sources that are displayed. In the clip below, we blacklist a specific website source:


Sick of a specific Twitter handle? In a couple of clicks, you can remove them from your stream.



You can now also control the content of each individual stream. Don’t want to see Twitter or Articles on the stream? Swap them out for Broker Research Reports, Transcripts or any Company Document types.

news stream

Finally, we have been hard at work onboarding additional sources. If you would like to gain early access to the larger feed, please contact us.

Still got questions? Check out this support article.



  • Weekly Digest Option for Saved Searches
  • Transcript Sentiment Intelligence Reports
  • Beta release of the new Document Search interface – please contact us if you would like to take the new version for a test drive.


Improvements & Fixes

  • Behind the scenes, we have upgraded much of the core backend that powers Document Search. The power and improved stability of the new backend will become apparent in our upcoming releases.
  • Large list of small bug fixes


Equity Data Terminal


  • Added company management information for over 20,000 international companies
  • Ability to filter by stock exchange
  • Pop up definitions, Excel formulas, and sources of the items from the financial model: Click on the title of a line item from our financial model to get its definition, sources, and the Excel formula. The Excel formula is clickable, so you can copy and paste it directly into Excel.


Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed certain issues with Screener
    • Fixed FX issues for international equities data
    • Fixed usability of custom fields
  • Worked with Thomson Reuters to resolve market cap issues related to securities with multiple share classes
  • Fixed several issues related to splits and spin-offs




  • Expanded custom fields: We are adding more operators to build your custom fields. The following operators are now available:
    • Arithmetic operators: +, -, *, /
    • Aggregation operators: MIN, MAX, MEAN
    • Relational operators: > , <, >= ,<= , ==, !=
    • Logic operators: AND, NOT, OR, NOR, NAND, XOR
    • Conditional operator IF

All the operators can be mixed into a single expression. For example: IF(AND(A>B,C>1), MIN(A,B), MAX(C,D,E))


Improvements & Fixes

  • Synonyms: Our field selection menu got smarter. You do not have to type the exact field name anymore, as synonyms will take you to the right field. For example, type “Change” and it will take you to “Returns.” “Capex” or “investments” will take you to “capital expenditure.”


Excel Plugin

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please install the newest version as soon as possible to avoid any disruption of service.

  • New series: In line with the launch of the improved financial model, we are making the following new fields available in Excel:
  • Other non-recurring operating expenses (what is usually adjusted for by analysts)
  • Other recurring operating expenses
  • Total Operating Expenses – As Reported
  • Total Operating Expenses – Adjusted
  • EBIT – As Reported
  • EBIT – Adjusted
  • EBITDA – As Reported
  • EBITDA – Adjusted
  • PBT (Profit Before Tax) – As Reported
  • PBT (Profit Before Tax) – Adjusted
  • Net Income – As reported
  • Total Adjustments to Net Income to go from As Reported to Adjusted
  • Net Income – Adjusted
  • EPS – Basic
  • EPS – Diluted
  • EPS – Diluted – Adjusted
  • Weighted Average Number of Shares – Basic
  • Weighted Average Number of Shares – Adjusted
  • Pension Benefits (Balance Sheet)
  • Gross PP&E (Balance Sheet)
  • Accumulated PP&E Depreciation (Balance Sheet)


  • Existing series which have changed:
  • In an effort to harmonize the names of our fields in Excel, the following series are now attached to a different series.
  • “ebit” now points to EBIT – As Reported, from Adjusted EBIT previously. For Adjusted EBIT, please use “ebit_adj”.
    • “ebitda” now points to EBITDA – As Reported, from Adjusted EBITDA previously. For Adjusted EBITDA, please use “ebitda_adj”.
    • “div” now points to the total Dividend. For dividend per share, please use “div_per_share”
    • “ebit_margin” now points to the EBIT (As Reported) margin. For adjusted EBIT margin, please use “ebit_adj_margin”
    • “ebitda_margin” now points to the EBITDA (As Reported) margin. For adjusted EBITDA margin, please use “ebitda_adj_margin”
  • The following field names are being deprecated. Please use these alternatives.
  • “ibeseps” → “deps_adj”
  • “ibesebit” →  “ebit_adj”
    • “ibesebitda” →  “ebitda_adj”
    • “disc_op” → “disc_op_exp”
    • “Net_inc_gaap” →  “net_inc”
    • “eps_gaap” →  “deps”
    • “eps_adj” → “deps_adj”


  • Data in the currency of your choice: It is now possible to request the data in multiple currencies. For example, Apple reports in USD, but you can request the financial data to be converted on the fly to EUR by typing =snt(“aapl”,”revenue”,”fy2017”,”curr=EUR”). The conversion rate applied is the average FX rate over a period for Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement items, and the price on the last day of the period for Balance Sheet items. Market data items are converted at the rate of the day of the data. Currency conversion works with any series, including market data, historical and forecasted financial data, and estimate history.
  • Change in behavior of Time Series for valuation multiples: We have brought a small change to our syntax for historical valuation multiple time series in order to enable the future roll out of extended features. Previously, for example, EV/Sales was available through four fields: ev_sales, ev_sales_nfy, ev_sales_ntm, and ev_sales_ltm. Ev_sales was based on the EV on the day of the requested data point, and the estimates for the current unreported fiscal year on the day of the data point (commonly referred to as FY1). Similarly, ev_sales_nfy was using next fiscal year’s estimates (FY2), NTM the next four unreported quarters, and ev_sales_ltm the previous four reported quarters.

=> All four are now available through the field “ev_sales” with one extra parameter:

  • To call ev/sales based on FY1 estimates, use =snt(“aapl”,”ev_sales”,”fy1”)
    • To call ev/sales based on FY2 estimates, use =snt(“aapl”,”ev_sales”,”fy2”)
    • To call ev/sales based on NTM estimates, use =snt(“aapl”,”ev_sales”,”ntm”)
    • To call ev/sales based on LTM reported figures, use =snt(“aapl”,”ev_sales”,”ltm”)

It is possible to continue to use the old fields and syntax, although we encourage you to start using the new formats and update your spreadsheets to support the upgrades we are delivering soon (e.g., ev_sales for the estimate of FY2016 will soon be possible through =snt(“aapl”,”ev_sales”,”fy2016”).

  • RMS Uploader v1.0: Metrics from the Sentieo Research Management System can now be managed from Excel. You can download all the thesis data for any number of stocks and edit them directly from Excel. You can also start the coverage of a stock directly from Excel and upload your models to be attached to notes in your Notebook.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Significantly improved UI, with new colorful icons and a more concise ribbon menu.
  • Further tangible improvements in load speed and query response time.
  • New technology which will dramatically reduce the number of times we ask you to re-install the Excel plugin for updates. Going forward, pay attention to the “Updates and Maintenance” button. If you see a badge on the icon, click and follow the instructions to get the latest update. After updating, you only need to close and reopen Excel.
  • A refreshed Formula Builder which incorporates the new features added today, and handles more complex syntax composition.





Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed: Filtering for a label would prevent viewing all other labels related to the document
  • Fixed: Unable to change existing label colors
  • Fixed: .DOCX files were not processing and therefore unable to be previewed
  • Fixed: PDF export in list view was not including links to uploaded attachments
  • Note templates now have the ability to save note attributes including tickers, tags, note category, and shared users.
  • Mentioning a user in a comment will automatically share the note with the user
  • Improved copy/paste formatting when pasting from Sentieo into other applications
  • Export to PDF now supports highlights made within uploaded files   
  • File name of PDF exports changed to name of the note title
  • OneNote/Evernote sync options moved to the Notebook settings menu to give more space to the navigation pane. Sync options can be accessed via Settings>Notebook>Preferences


  • Fixed: Pasted images into the thesis body not displaying correctly
  • Fixed: Files reappearing after being deleted from the Attachment widget
  • Fixed: Thesis note history not loading via the thesis boxes in the Price Chart widget
  • Ability to route notes to sections within a thesis using a drop-down menu
  • New thesis note type available in the Notebook; there is a new category named Thesis under the Note Type smart folder
  • Summary table price data now updates in real time
  • Two new widgets added to the widget library: recent transcripts & recent broker research
  • Custom field menu: general enhancements for better overall user experience when using the menu
  • Thesis fields: ability to specify which column a field should belong to
  • Thesis fields: existing custom created thesis fields will now appear under ‘Custom’ within the EDT field picker menu
  • Recent Notes widget expanded to display relevant shared content from team members
  • Supporting notes within thesis sections now display a link back to the source note
  • Team members now have the ability to view supporting thesis notes, previously viewable to only the thesis owner
  • Supporting thesis notes and highlights are now included when exporting a thesis to PDF
  • Recent File widget now displays all relevant files brought into the Notebook for a particular ticker, rather than exclusively displaying files that were uploaded via the Recent File widget
  • Ability to create thesis sections using note templates
  • Table of contents automatically generated within the thesis snippet to help you quickly navigate to different thesis sections. Clicking on a section heading will jump you to the selected section.
  • Ability to view a thesis on mobile via thesis update email notifications
  • Thesis update emails now include thesis update comments
  • Auto-calculated thesis fields are now visible in PDF exports of the thesis
  • Reduced amount of manual refreshes required, especially after creating custom thesis fields via Settings menu and closing out




  • Added Transcript Sentiment field (see beginning of these release notes for more detail)

Improvements & Fixes

  • Smoother tooltip experience across Plotter and graphs sitewide.
  • Fixed estimates attribution of financial data and KPIs.




  • Now including both Total and Unique Website Visits in Mosaic Summary Chart
  • Added 80 new brands, bringing our total coverage up to over 1,100 brands
  • Beta release of Mosaic Chartpack Alert, a weekly email displaying the Sentieo Index across all of your followed tickers. Access is available upon request.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved responsiveness of Mosaic charts and series selectors.
  • Fixed errors in Mosaic exports to Plotter.



iPad App (Sentieo Reader) – New

    • Notebook
      • Now you can highlight/annotate a document from within the iPad Notebook viewer both online and offline.
      • Uploaded PDFs are now synced for offline use.
      • Thesis sheet is available in offline mode.
    • Mobile Web Clipper
      • You can now clip an article or website URL directly to your iPad Notebook.
      • Ability to upload PDF via gmail, Dropbox, and other apps’ attachments
    • Document Search and Document Reader
      • Revamped highlights/annotation design with addition of multiple labels
      • Online/Offline editing of highlight labels
      • Redlining: now you can check the added/deleted text from 10-Ks and 10-Qs.
      • Ability to see which documents and notes have been read or unread within Document Search and Notebook.
      • You can now @mention team members

Improvements and Fixes

      • Fast processing of heavier docs while loading.
      • Fixed issues with international exchange rates.
      • Thesis
        • Fixed: Scroll under scroll
        • Thesis added in note list sections.


iPhone main app (Sentieo)


  • iPhone X support
  • Large upgrade to filters available in Document Search.
  • Revamped Highlighting and Labeling interface.
  • Support for multiple labels, which works both online and offline.
  • Now your attachment notes are synced inside Document Search.

Sentieo Clipper:

  • 1. Ability to upload PDF via gmail, Dropbox, and other apps’ attachments.
  • 2. Uploaded PDFs are available for highlighting and labeling.

Improvements and fixes

  • Faster processing of larger docs while loading.
  • International currencies bugs removed
  • Various crashes removed
  • Various bugs removed.


iPhone Notebook (Sentieo Notebook)


  • Collaborative Note Taking: Similar to our web application, you can now enable collaboration on your notes.
  • You can highlight/annotate within the Document Viewer in full screen mode (online & offline).
  • Thesis notes are now available (online & offline).
  • Ability to comment on any note.
  • Push notification and deep-linking for comments.
  • iPhone X support
    • Improvements and fixes
      • Improved support for attachments
      • Notebook synchronization and stability.
      • Thesis
        • Formatting additions for all kinds of values
        • Fixed: scroll under scroll
        • Thesis added in note list sections.


Don’t forget that the app comes with live chat support on the upper left menu, next to Settings.

Updated on April 2, 2018

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