Sentieo v3.2



Sentieo v3.2

We’ve updated Sentieo with a variety of small improvements and a couple of new features. As always, don’t hesitate to utilize Live Support for any questions or suggestions for Sentieo. We would love to hear your feedback on these improvements, so please share your thoughts with us! You can view all previous release notes here.

Below are some of the highlights from this release:

Currency Settings

  • Define the currency in which you want to see a company’s financials. This is a great benefit to international users.

Shareholders History Graphs

  • On the Shareholders tab, it is now possible to click on an investor’s position to view a graph with the history of that investor’s position — both in shares, and as a percentage of total shares outstanding.

Broker Research Search Shortcut

  • You can now specify which research provider’s reports you would like to search using the IN:RR:broker shortcut. For example, if you want to quickly search only reports by Goldman Sachs, use IN:RR:GS.

Mosaic International Coverage Expansion

  • We now have 386 international brands mapped across 214 tickers.
  • Expanded US mappings: Our total universe now sits at 1368 brands and 924 tickers.


  • Title Search: You can now use the IN:title function to specifically search only the title of a document. Great way to pull up items pertaining to “earnings.”
  • Broker Research Search Shortcut: You can now specify which research provider’s reports you would like to search using theIN:RR:broker shortcut. For example, if you want to quickly search only reports by Goldman Sachs, use IN:RR:GS.
  • Download Manager: All document download links are now automatically available in your alerts menu under the Downloads tab. This means you will no longer have to wait for an email with your download link and can get access immediately through the web application.
  • Addition of Custom Market Cap Filter


Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved Export to PDF: We have rebuilt the entire export to PDF module for all documents. Both single document and bulk download document export to PDF will properly output documents including highlights, redlines, and intelligence reports. We will also be releasing an update to the print function in the coming weeks.
  • Corrected countries in the G-10 smart grouping
  • Improved zoom functionality on PDFs – you will now properly retain your position when you zoom in. Similar improvements for other document types will be available soon as well.


Equity Data Terminal


  • Stock currency vs Reporting currency: We are now dissociating the currency in which stocks trade from the currencies in which companies report.
    • For example, Ericsson’s ADR is in USD but the company reports in SEK. Looking up ERIC (the ADR) on EDT will now show the market cap in USD but will show the financials in SEK.
  • Set your currency of choice: It is also possible to define the currency in which you wish to see the company’s financials. It is set by default to the Reporting currency, but this can be changed to Stock Trading currency, Euro, Sterling, US Dollar or Yen.
  • Ability to change the default number of years of history and forecasts in the model.
  • Shareholders history: On the shareholders page, it is now possible to click on an investor’s position to view a graph with the history of that investor’s position in shares and as a percentage of total shares outstanding.


Improvements & Fixes

  • Further improvements to the market cap methodology: We now fully support dual-listings, multi-currency share listings, and external equity interest ownerships such as in the case of partnerships.  
  • Added footnote labels for clarity to summary page model
  • Small UI improvements to the pop up mini-model
  • Further data completion with LTM values extended to more metrics (Balance Sheet, Ratios)
  • Improvements to NTM forward multiple series, introducing a new methodology with further accuracy even when consensus data is scarce.




  • Added new fields to Screener and Comps
    • Added detail to stock price (Open, High, Low, Close + select date)
    • Added distinction between Country of Exchange, Country of Incorporation and Country of Headquarters
    • Dollar Volume Liquidity


Other Improvements

  • Added ability to hide all ADR, OTC or secondary listings through the settings menu.
  • Synonyms! We added synonyms in the field selection menu. So you can now look for “share price” even if we call the field “stock price”.


Comparable Analysis


  • Revamped UI to align with the Screener, with easier and more control over the table settings
  • A fuller set of fields, same extensive list that has been available on Screener and Plotter
  • Views are now shared between Screener and Comparable Analysis, making it possible to load Comparable Analysis Views created in Screener and vice versa.


Excel Plugin


  • Hardcode to Values: Now you can automatically hardcode cells with a sentieo =snt() formula into their values. You can select to hardcode a selected a spreadsheet or all the workbook.
  • New installer to ease further the initial setup process of the Excel plugin on some specific user PC configurations.
  • New better Import from Sentieo App menu, with new looks, and the ability to manage the saved clipping straight from Excel.
  • Added new series:
    • Dollar Volume Liquidity
    • Beta (US only for now)
    • Long-term and short-term debt
    • Acquisition of business


Improvements & Fixes

  • Further improvements to the formula builder
  • Further series for estimates (fy3/4/5-2-3-4)




  • Notification when emails fail to process: When you send an email to Sentieo and our system fails to process the email (for reasons such as: file size, virus detection, etc.), we will automatically send you an email notifying you that the email failed to process in our system.  
  • Ability to create a team vs private note: For users that have auto-team sharing enabled by default, the new private note option will allow you to create a new note without having it shared with the rest of your team. To create a private note, simple click on the green Create button and select Private Note.   


Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved note-taking experience including:
    • Formatting of the bullets when pasted from other note taking applications as well as keyboard shortcut improvements.
    • Navigating your notes with the keyboard shortcuts
    • More reliable text formatting
    • Improved pasting from MS Office apps to Sentieo
    • Support for pasting from Sentieo to Gmail, Google Docs and Outlook (web version)
    • Ability to select preformatted headings and font type
    • A full list of keyboard shortcuts can be found here.
  • Highlights: Resolved a number of issues related to highlight filtering and incorrect label counts.
    • Highlight label filter: When filtering for a label, the label you are filtering for will now be displayed next to the filter icon and all other labels associated with the document will be hidden. To view the hidden labels, click on the filter icon and select the labels to display.
    • Highlight menu when creating highlights: Improvements made to the search and sorting logic. By default, labels will sort alphabetically. This was done to allow users to more easily sift through their list of labels. We will be adding the ability to specify between Alphabetical and Most Recent sort shortly.
    • Inserted highlights: Filing date of the document now visible next to the title
  • Comments: The comment pane has a new design. The comment stream appears from oldest to newest (top to bottom). As always, replies to comment notification emails will automatically appear in your Sentieo note.    


Thesis and Dashboards

  • Ability to create a thesis from within the Notebook: To create a new thesis, simply click on the green Create button and select the Thesis option. From there, select the ticker for the thesis you want to create as well as the template to load.  
  • Price chart added to thesis in the Notebook: When viewing a thesis in the Notebook, clicking on the Expand button to the right of the thesis will open and close the same price chart available on the Thesis Dashboard view.  
  • Ability to add comments to a thesis in the Notebook: The comment pane for a thesis in the Notebook view will display both thesis activity as well as comments added to the thesis.
  • Ability to quickly access thesis via the Summary Table: When hovering over a ticker in the Summary Table, a new option to quickly access the ticker’s thesis has been added. Simply select the Thesis button that appears on hover to open the full thesis in a new tab.
  • Ability to specify which thesis sections to include in export: When exporting a thesis to PDF or email, you can not specify which sections and supporting notes to include in the output.
  • Ability to view tickers that do not have an active thesis: When filtering by Owner, you can now see a list of all tickers that the person has created content for. By default, tickers with an active thesis will appear at the top of the list. To change the sorting preference to alphabetical, simply click on the category heading you would like to filter by.
  • Ability for supporting notes to be viewed by all team members: When a supporting note is added to a thesis section, any person part of your team will be able to view the support notes.
  • Formatting of numerical values has been unified across the web app, mobile and email notifications.



Improvements & Fixes

  • Shortlinks: Added option to update data for publicly shared chart
  • Bug fixes




  • International Mosaic Expansion: We now have 386 international brands mapped across 214 tickers.
  • Expanded US mappings: Our total universe now sits at 1368 brands and 924 tickers.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Major speed improvement in Mosaic page load time.
  • Fixed Twitter download update issues.
  • Improved Instagram download process for more comprehensive collection of historical data.
  • Added Shortlink and Save to Plotter from main summary chart, making it easier to save and share charts from Mosaic




iPad App (Sentieo Reader) 


  • Addition of Comments to Thesis Notes
  • Fixed Zoom issues while reading document
  • Fast rendering of larger pdf documents in Document Search

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved Commenting System
  • Notebook: Synchronization improvements
  • Resolved minor issues where editing comments in thesis resulted in synchronization issue.
  • Security and auto-update improvements


iPhone app (Sentieo)


    • UI changes in adding annotation on a document.
    • Fixed Zoom issues while reading document

Improvements and fixes

    • Highlighting synchronization improvements
    • Background synchronization improved


iPhone Notebook (Sentieo Notebook) 


    • Addition of Portfolio/Dashboard view
    • Addition of Comments to Thesis Notes
    • Major changes in background event synchronization for collab notes.
    • Addition of new filter to directly access your thesis list.

Improvements and fixes

    • When making a new note, you now have the ability to check all the conflict case if there are any.
    • Major improvements in synchronization
    • Addition of backup systems for the cases where you have conflict versions.

Don’t forget that the app comes with live chat support on the upper left menu, next to Settings.

Updated on May 3, 2018

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