Sentieo v3.4


Sentieo v3.4

This release focused on improving a large chunk of our core architecture to improve Sentieo’s overall speed and responsiveness. We’ve also released a couple heavily requested features. As always, don’t hesitate to utilize Live Support for any questions or suggestions for Sentieo. We would love to hear your feedback on these improvements, so please share your thoughts with us! You can view all previous release notes here.

Below are some of the highlights from this release:

Speed and Overall Responsiveness

For the last 3 months, our team has been hard at work rebuilding large parts of the Sentieo front-end architecture. Many of Sentieo’s core functions, including Document Search, will now be far more responsive and consume significantly less computer memory. Over the course of the next couple months we will continue to release further optimizations.

Export Tables from PDF – As part of our speed optimizations, we have shifted how tables are exported from PDF documents. If you wish to download a table from a PDF, please enable the PDF table download mode, which is located in the menu bar. Once activated, you may then export detected tables.


Mobile Earnings Calendar – We’ve introduced an earnings calendar in our latest Sentieo iPhone app release. The calendar includes information on all upcoming earnings call events. Users can also listen to the call recording if available.


Capital Events and Dividends – We’ve added a new section to our Equity Data Terminal that includes all the historical events that have impacted a company’s stock price. Capital events includes Splits and Reverse splits as well as right issues, stock dividends, spin-offs, size of lots changes, capital write-up and write-downs, stock exchanges, demergers, scrip issues and more. Dividends are presented on a separate page and also include special dividends.




  • Quick Download Button for Research Reports – Since research reports are not included in our Bulk Download function, we have added a button in the search results column to allow you to conveniently download these reports.
  • Export Tables from PDF – See above.
  • Ability to Upload and Search Excel Files

Improvements & Fixes

  • Loading Documents will no longer get stuck – Fixed a bug where certain documents would randomly load but the loading prompt would not disappear.
  • Keyword Library Search – The keyword library has gotten a major update and now allows you to search across all categories.
  • Speed & Responsiveness – Document search is now significantly faster and more responsive in most use cases. See above
  • Custom Redline– Fixed a bug that would cause certain custom redline reports not to be sent via email.
  • Pasting Text with in:commands – Fixed a bug where you could not paste text after using an in:command within the query box
  • Download Highlights – Fixed a bug where highlights would not properly appear in certain pdf downloads.
  • Watchlists + Tickers will now work properly within the Query box
  • Nested search will no longer override IN:commands and other items of your original search
  • Copy with Citation on long paragraphs will now work properly
  • Improved PDF page number calculations so that they are now accurately displayed.
  • Export Hits now includes CIK and Ascension Numbers

Equity Data Terminal


  • Capital events:
    • We are adding a new section to EDT with all the events that had a major effect on the value of shares. This includes, for example, Stock Splits, Reverse Splits, Right issues, stock dividends, Spin-offs, Lot changes, and Capital write-downs.
    • We are also adding a page dedicated to the dividend history. Our dividend history goes back to the 70’s!
  • Management compensation (U.S. only): We are building on the very positive feedback we received for the quick links to DocSearch we introduced in previous release. Click on “Management Compensation” under “Company Info” in the left panel to be taken straight into the eponymous table in the company filings.



  • Canadian Dollars: Added Canadian Dollar in the list of currencies to display the data.
  • New data: We are adding the following to Screener:
    • Mosaic data: We have integrated the full set of Mosaic data into screener
    • All flavors of common shares outstanding: each share issue separately, only the shares behind a security’s ticker, all the shares of the listed entity behind a ticker, all the shares of the whole organisation behind a ticker, including non-listed equity ownership (in the case for example of partnerships), as well as the number of shares per listed unit (helpful when analysing the price of individual shares of an ADR for example).
    • Number of Employees
    • Cash flow items related to equity issuances: Issuance of stocks, issuance of common stock, issuance of preferred stocks
    • Equity in affiliates (IS), Sales of fixed assets & businesses (CF), Retained earnings (BS), and Operating lease & Rental expenses (IS).
    • Earning dates


  • New Screens and Views management menu: We improved our View management menu to make it easier to define a Default View, find, shares and edit Views and Screens. It is now also possible to bookmark views as Favorites in a new section of the menu.
  • Comparable table on the Summary page is now produced at latest available price data when the page is loaded.

Excel Plugin


  • Added new data (check screener section for full list)
  • Reporting and trading currency:
    • If you are unsure of the financial reporting or stock trading currency of a company, you can now use the codes “reporting_currency” or “trading_currency” to find out;
    • Users can also force financial data to be converted to trading or reporting currency with the optional parameter “curr=reporting” and “curr=trading”, so that you don’t need to specify what those are for each stocks individually.


  • UI improvement for Import from Sentieo App menu



  • You can now upload, view and search Excel and Powerpoint file types.

Improvements & Fixes

  • File preview now available for .PPTX and .XLSX file types.
  • Directly print a note without having to export to PDF first using the new Print feature located in the more menu (horizontal line made up of 3 dots).
  • Ability to search attachments.
  • Ability to resize images using click and drag.
  • Ability to enter image full screen mode.
  • The first letter of every row will automatically capitalize. Press <BACKSPACE> after pressing <SPACE> to remove the capitalization.
  • When using the send via email, the system will now auto-suggest the email address of anyone you’ve previously emailed.
  • When creating a team note, users belonging to multiple groups can specify which group to share the note with.
  • Thesis Fields: Added a new ‘Required Field’ option.
  • Fixed: Email share notifications were not triggering when a ‘Team Note’ is created.
  • Fixed: Thesis table of contents not appearing in the snippet.
  • Fixed: Uploaded MS Word file images not appearing correctly.
  • Fixed: Share notification emails appearing stretched when pasting content from MS Word.
  • Fixed: Pre-IPO tickers not available in the web clipper.


Improvements & Fixes

  • Added data frequency options in CSV upload
  • Added new data (check screener section for full list)



  • New Screening Metrics: Added Base Level, YoY% Acceleration, KPI data, R-Squared/Hit Rate/Correlation vs. KPI
  • New Screening Datasets: Instagram and Transcript Sentiment
  • Screen and Portfolio View Links: access these from the home page of Mosaic. “Screen for Ideas” will open a screen of cases where multiple datasets show accelerations while consensus expects a revenue deceleration. “View Followed Tickers” will open Mosaic and Transcript Sentiment metrics in Comparable Analysis

Improvements & Fixes

  • Added 876 brands spanning across 306 tickers
  • Tweaked Alexa metrics naming to be more consistent with their website
  • Improved mosaic metrics interface in Screener – easier to find specific datasets


iPhone app (v6.3)


  • Added a Calendar with a Watchlist selector.
  • Image highlight via web clipper is now handled in iPhone highlight section

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Sync improvements
  • Speed and Responsiveness: Document Search is now significantly faster and more responsive when both online and offline mode
  • Several UI changes in comparable analysis
  • Many small bugs fixed


iPad app (v6.2)

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Sync improvements
  • Sync improvements:  We added a major change in Document Sync architecture by pushing it to Framework
  • Now your comments indicator will show up realtime on your iPad app
  • Various bugs removal and performance improvements.


iPhone Notebook (v6.2)

  • Sync improvement 
  • Few cases where iPhone X having UI issues resolved.
  • Stability and performance improvements.


Don’t forget! Sentieo comes with live chat support on the upper left menu, next to Settings.

Updated on October 11, 2018

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