Sentieo v3.5


Sentieo v3.5

You can now do even more in less time with the Sentieo V3.5 update. With this release, we are very excited to announce the beta releases of some powerful new products that we’ve been working on all year. Additionally, this release includes expanded functionality for Sentieo’s Screener, Notebook, and Document Search, along with incremental improvements across the entire platform. As always, keep the questions, suggestions, and requests coming! Use our Live Support or email us. You can review all previous release notes here.

Below are some of the highlights from this release:

TableX 2.0 (Beta)

We’re very excited to announce the beta release of our new Table Extraction Suite, TableX. TableX 2.0 brings you the future of document table extraction, customizable visualization, accuracy, and sharing. Built using our proprietary machine learning methods, the new TableX is a major advancement in historical table matching in terms of speed, accuracy and layout. The built-in interactive spreadsheets are highly customizable and auditable, saving analysts the hours it normally takes — along with the risk of data entry errors — to input historical financials by hand.

table extraction

Notebook – Office365 Integration

We’ve partnered with Microsoft to integrate Office Online into the Sentieo Notebook experience. With this integration, any office document uploaded to Sentieo will be visible in an Office-powered viewer. Now you can use Sentieo to store, search and view your models in the cloud!

office notebook

Sentieo Dashboard (Beta – available upon request)

The reimagined Dashboard has everything that users expect from a homepage: highly customizable price monitors, team activity updates, news and research, and a lot more.


Synonym Library Update + Request a Synonym

We’ve made a substantial addition to our Synonym library (the first of many!) Additionally, users can now request a synonym to be added.

Screener Update

We made sophisticated additions to the screening options, including screening by Time Series —plus a library of pre-built screens to inspire your searches.


  • Request a Synonym – Find a word or phrase that you would like synonyms for. Simply submit them to our team.
  • Synonym Update – Significant update to our synonym library that will make your searches more efficient!

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved Keyword Library – You can now search the entire keyword library instead of only being able to search within a category
  • Fixed bug in which X in the ticker bubble was not functioning
  • Fixed ticker-specific labels – labels that are tagged
  • Fixed bug in which charts on Search Analytics would not filter on click



  • Thesis collaborative editing: We’ve added collaborative editing, previously available on typed notes, to thesis notes. Collaborative editing takes teamwork to the next level by letting you and your team edit each other’s thesis sheets in real time. See who’s editing the note, and see changes as they happen. Like before, changes save and sync across all of your devices automatically— so everyone viewing the note sees the same content. For a refresher on how collaborative editing works, read more here.
  • Office 365 viewer: We’ve partnered with Microsoft to integrate Office Online into the Sentieo Notebook experience. With this integration, users will be able to view PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents uploaded to Sentieo. Read more here. Users with an active Office 365 Business subscription will have permission to edit files and save changes to Sentieo as well as benefit from Microsoft’s sharing and collaboration features. To get switched on for editing, contact
  • Note template sharing: Users can now share their note templates with team members. Once created, Visibility can be adjusted to either team or private via the more menu. Read more here.
  • Rich text in comments (read-only): Comments originating from email now support formatting such as bolding, italics, lists, and other formatting options, as well as images. In a future release, we will add support for text formatting while typing a comment in Sentieo.
  • EOD research summary email reports: The end of day research summary email report is used to track new research added to Notebook across your team or fund. With a daily summary, sift through any new work that has been created in the past 24 hours with quick access to the note title, note type, note category and any related tags and tickers. To enable EOD emails, please contact

Improvements & Fixes

  • Processing of uploaded and attached files: When uploading a new file or attaching a file to an existing note, the file tab now appears instantaneously.
  • Thesis field erratic behavior: There were instances of thesis fields disappearing or being set to a ‘blank’ value. These issues have been identified and resolved.

Equity Data Terminal


  • Minor bug fixes



  • Screen by time series: We are introducing our new Screener engine. It is now possible to show and filter by time series statistics; for example, the average or maximum value of market cap over the past 3 months, or the % change of consensus revenue estimate since the beginning of the year.
  • Template screens: We are introducing in this release the Sentieo Screens and Views Library. These templates leverage the various improvements we have built into Screener, and could be a good starting point to discover the new features and learn how to build your own.



  • Stock prices, Estimates, market cap, and EV historical time series: We have added the historical time series for all consensus and market data fields so it is now possible to easily screen for data on a specific date, or observe statistics over time.
  • Sentieo Transcript Sentiment scores and Sentieo Mosaic datasets are now both fully integrated into the Screener, so it is possible to screen by changes in management sentiment or by deterioration in Alexa views over time.
  • Price target: We have added the historical time series for Price targets to our Screener; it is now possible to screen by top, bottom mean median, standard deviation and number of contributors, both point in time or using statistics.
  • LTM & NTM Options: You can now screen on LTM and NTM values from the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, margins and ratios. The calculation for LTM and NTM numbers is as follows:


  • New series types for trading multiples: We’ve added 4 trading multiples series options as time series, based on LTM, NTM, FY1 and FY2 underlying numbers instead of just FY1 previously.
  • New currency option: You can now convert all the financial data in the screener to AUD.
  • GICS 2018 classification update: We have updated the sector classification to reflect the new GICS 2018 sector classification categories.

Excel Plugin


  • Further improvements to the installer to handle unusual configuration cases.
  • Formula builder: ability to reference a cell or range of cells instead of typing the ticker(s).


Improvements & Fixes

  • Added ability to include S&P 500 P/E in templates
  • Improved stock price axis adjustment
  • Improved shortlink interactions with table extraction data
  • Smoother date input boxes



  • Added Transcript Sentiment to Mosaic Summary Chart

Improvements & Fixes

  • Australia expansion: Added data for 28 tickers in the ASX
  • Added data for 53 tickers in the rest of world
  • Improved KPI mappings: We added new KPIs to many non-consumer tickers and improved our mappings for existing technology tickers
  • Improved keyword mappings: across our existing database we tweaked keyword mappings for tickers for a significant improvement in search trends data

Alerts and Watchlists


  • Set up custom broker research alerts


Mobile updates will be available December 20th, 2018.

iPhone main app (v6.4)

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Presentations can now be offlined
  • Price graph – you can now plot many additional series
  • Comparable analysis: your default views from the webapp will now transfer over
  • Financial views consistencies with formatting and units
  • Document download stability
  • Watchlist refresh improvements

iPad main app (v6.3)


    • Note Templates: You can now create, edit, and use your custom note templates.
    • Office 365 viewer: With this integration, users will be able to view PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents uploaded to Sentieo right through their mobile app.
      To get switched on for editing, contact
    • Thesis Editing (Beta): We are bringing the power of thesis editing to the Mobile app.
    • Now Users have the ability to create thesis sheets on the go.
    • All of your thesis sheets are synced to your iPad and are available for both online and offline editing.
    • You can continue your research process, even while you’re offline.
    • We are continuously improving this feature; for more updates stay tuned.

iPhone Notebook app (v6.2)


    • Note Templates: You can now create, edit, and use your custom note templates.
    • Office viewer: With this integration, users will be able to view PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents uploaded to Sentieo right through their mobile app.

To get switched on for editing, contact

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Improved Real Time Comment Notifications
  • Improved Syncing of Attachments
  • UX Improvements
  • Various stability improvements

New Preview Features (Beta)

TableX 2.0 (Beta): Document Tables Visualization, Time Series, and Extraction


Welcome to the new TableX!

  • Increased speed
    • Much of the work in linking tables across a series of historical documents has been done in advance instead of on the fly, which results in a significant speed improvement for users.
  • Increased accuracy
    • We have invested many, many years in our proprietary machine learning approach to linking tables across documents over time, resulting in significant improvements in accuracy in table matching
  • Enhanced visualization
    • Interactive spreadsheet allows for enhanced visualization and analysis of extracted data
      • In addition to directly extracted table data, toggle to show derived data, such as growth rates (year over year or quarter over quarter), or common size
      • Arrange FY columns on the left, right, or inline
      • Show only FY, or only Quarter data, or both, and sort however you like
      • Derive Q4 from FY data
      • Mouse over to see more information on each data point, such as fiscal year
    • Interactively link the source table in its document with the highlighted row in the extracted spreadsheet, with highlighted rows and cells linked
    • Quickly chart the extracted data or export multiple rows to our full-function Plotter
    • View and edit the entire chain of tables in tiled format to easily verify that the extractions are from the correct historical documents and tables
  • Enhanced export:
    • Single sheet of all data or single row from the table chain
    • Includes metadata with source information
    • Links back to the documents


Dashboard (Beta, available upon request)


    • The new, customizable Dashboard screen, which users can test upon request, offers the ability to monitor prices, documents, and notes all from one screen
    • Price Monitor: This new table offers live updating prices for US tickers and end of day prices for non-US tickers, and includes the following:

– All Screener data: financial data, transcript sentiment, and alternative data

– Thesis fields: RMS users can view stage, conviction level, internal price targets, and any of their own custom fields

– View more than one watchlist in the same table and edit watchlists from the table (instead of going to watchlist manager)

– Sort and filter on any columns

– Link other widgets to the Price Monitor

  • General Dashboard: in addition to previously built Ticker and Watchlist dashboards, we are introducing the “General” dashboard. This allows you to monitor multiple watchlists from one view, without needing to toggle back and forth
  • Widget Library: A selection of widgets enables you to create your custom page to stream data for documents, broker research, calendar, news, tweets, notes, team activity, and more


  • Widget performance: Smoother scrolling and widget rearrangement
  • Widget resizing: Drag and resize widgets


Don’t forget! Sentieo comes with live chat support on the upper left menu, next to Settings.

Updated on December 18, 2018

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