Sentieo V3.8


Sentieo V3.8

Better optimize your workday with the Sentieo V3.8 update. We are excited to announce the release of new features, as well as other minor updates and fixes.

As always, keep the questions, suggestions and requests coming! Use our Live Support or email us. You can review all previous release notes here.

Release Highlights

Sentieo Desktop App: We are very excited to release the Sentieo Desktop App. No more hunting for open Sentieo tabs! Users of the Desktop App will also notice significant speed improvements. Download the app here:

EDT – Table Explorer Integration: We added a shortcut to Table Explorer in the left EDT navigation menu so it is easily accessible from within a company page.

Desktop App

Our new desktop application provides a fully connected interface to Sentieo for those organizations unable to utilize browser-based software.

The financial services industry has a wide variety of compliance and regulatory requirements that can make deploying browser-based software impossible. To address this, Sentieo is now available as a desktop application. This is a complete Sentieo interface that will be deployed onto a user’s desktop and will enable a wider audience of companies to use Sentieo to drive investment and strategy insights.

Download the app here:



  • Real-time Alerts for LexisNexis news and presentations


Improvements & Fixes

  • Ability to unshare watchlists: Owner of the watchlist will have an option to unshare the watchlist



  • Broad Markets Dashboard: Track global equity markets, commodities, and fixed income with dedicated table and graph widgets.

broad markets

Improvements & Fixes

  • Price Monitor scroll and sorting speed improvements
  • Compact view to fit more widgets and content on the same screen
  • Saved search widget now runs historical searches
  • Plotter widget enhancements
  • Added “Stock Price Time” for tracking when a ticker’s price was last updated in Price Monitor


This was a minor release with a focus on system improvements and fixes, rather than new features.


  • Thesis sheets: We’ve made a few enhancements to make thesis sheets more customizable to your workflow including:
    • Support for multiple thesis sheets per ticker
    • Ability to have multiple tabs with unique sets of fields and sections within a thesis
    • The ability to directly attach a file to a thesis.
  • New Notebook settings page: 
    • The Notebook settings menu has been moved inside of the Notebook. Upon opening Settings, you’ll notice a new layout, which has rearranged the options and compartmentalized them into their own sub-sections. Read more here.  


  • Comment box automatically closing while typing
  • Email thread history appearing in comments when replying via email 


Equity Data Terminal


  • Insider Transactions improvements: For each Form-4 entry, we are now showing the gross number of common shares acquired, gross number of shares sold, in addition to the Net Shares Acquired/(Sold). We have also added the Average Price at which these took place.

insider transactions

  • Table Explorer integration: We added a shortcut to Table Explorer in the left EDT navigation menu so it is easily accessible from within a company page
  • Total Return integration: We have added Total return in EDT Summary stock price and in historical charts



  • Calendar: The timing of conference calls is now shown in two timezones (NY time and UTC), as a convenience to our users on the East Coast and in Europe.
  • Peer lists updates: We made improvements to our peer list process to generate them in a more timely fashion for new entities.
  • Earning Surprise summary page: We amended the date format to include the day of the week.




  • LexisNexis: We have added support for LexisNexis to our mobile apps. It is now possible to define the desired sources in the filter menu of Document Search.
  • Watchlists on iPhone and iPad: It is now possible to add a ticker to an existing or new watchlist directly from our iPhone and iPad apps. 


    • Notebook synchronization: We have rebuilt from scratch the synchronization process of our Notebook; synchronization is now faster and can handle conflicts more effectively.
    • Major document readability improvements: Sometimes filings do not follow the recommended formatting rules and overstep standard margins, resulting in an impaired experience on smaller screens in particular; we have brought several elegant solutions and mitigated several of these issues.
    • Document synchronization improvements: 
      • Added detailed statistics of number of synced notes and documents and how much space each of them take.
      • Each viewed document in DocSearch remains stored in a local cache for speed. If you are running low on space, it is now possible to empty the cache of documents that are not earmarked for offline syncing.
      • Some document types are heavy; to help users manage data consumption and storage space, we added warning messages when those document types are selected for offline syncing on the iPad app.
  • Login screens of our apps benefit now from an improved flow and fresh new icons.
  • Export to PDF with highlights is now available in the sharing menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed access to sustainability disclosure documents
  • Fixed various formatting issues of Broker Notes when in highlight mode.
  • On iPhone, fixed a bug where the Alert notification badge was not reset when the application was logged out.
  • On iPad, fixed various bugs in the setup wizard.
  • On iPhone, fixed an issue where some alert email links take you to the News page instead of the document itself.
  • Added several optimizations to the user experience across all our apps to make them more intuitive and easy to use.



  • Sentieo Templates & Plots: Utilize some of Plotter’s most powerful use cases by adding our analyst team’s favorite pre-built templates and plots.


  • Large scale bug fixes and improvements in:
    • Hybrid Series
    • Opening Plotter from email and notebook
    • Series formatting improvements
    • Consensus estimates history
    • Transcript Sentiment



  • Mosaic Alerts: enable a toggle to receive weekly mosaic alerts for your followed tickers. Check out this guide to harness the power of alternative data alerts on your portfolio.


Table Explorer


  • Improved navigation: We’ve made Table Explorer easier to use with improved button placement and “mouse-over” highlights to explain the function of each button or menu.
  • Row header context: Now Table Explorer rows will reflect the table of the document you opened. If you’re in the most recent quarter, the row headers will reflect that. Alternatively, you can right click on column headers to navigate to an “as of” row header arrangement.  Handles the cases where a company changes reporting over time.
  • Improved Excel Download formatting:  “Download to Excel” significantly improved; it now carries the formatting of the original document.


  • Lots of back-end work to make sure Table Explorer delivers accurately and on time: Improved mapping of press releases to a 99% accuracy standard, and real time back-end monitors, so we know Table Explorer is ready when a document enters the system.  Critical for earnings season!

Don’t forget! Sentieo comes with live chat support on the upper right menu, next to Settings.

Updated on July 2, 2019

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