Sentieo V3.9

Sentieo V3.9

More data, more modeling tools, and a whole host of usability enhancements across the platform can be found in the Sentieo V3.9 update.

Your questions, suggestions, and requests about this release or the platform in general are always welcome! Use the Live Support feature in the product or email us. You can also review all previous release notes here.

Release Highlights

Official Release of New Document Search Interface

We are excited to roll out the new Document Search interface to all users in this release. While the new interface has been available since the v3.8 release in July 2019, it has now been enabled as the default for all users and delivers the optimal experience for the features rolled out in V3.9! For a refresher on the new interface, read more here.

Private Company Data & Search (Beta)

We’ve added data on 750,000 private companies to Sentieo in this release! You’ll find basic profile information, funding rounds, investments, exit, and acquisition data on private companies in the Equity Data Terminal, as well as the ability to search for private company news and press releases using Document Search. Note that this feature is in beta as we continue to expand the types of documents and data available in Sentieo for private companies. For more information on private company data, see the details below and read more here.

Major Financial Data Upgrade

Save time, improve productivity, and enhance your confidence in modeling and investment decisions using the new and improved Equity Data Terminal in Sentieo. Access significantly more equity data (1300 new fields!) and new financial models, including consensus and standardized models for balance sheets and cash flow statements. Get improved auditability of model numbers and the ability to download all models (including As Reported) directly from Excel. For more information on the EDT data and feature improvements, see details below and read more here.

Smart Summary™ Email Alerts

Save time and get to insights faster by having a Smart Summary™ categorization report automatically emailed to you when an earnings transcript becomes available for a company or a group of companies in a saved watchlist. For more information on this and other Smart Summary™ enhancements, see details below and read more here.


Private Company Search (BETA)

You can now search for private companies and their subsidiaries (source: Crunchbase) in the Company autocomplete. News and Press Releases are currently indexed against these private companies (with more documents to come!).

ds_simple start

Category Search

We’ve added a new way to search by a category, like ~PercentValue, ~GeographicRegion, or ~Year. Enter ~ into the query box to see a list of available categories. Learn more about Category Search here.


Smart Summary™ Enhancements

  • Email Alerts: Get a Smart Summary™ PDF report in your inbox when you schedule an alert for a single company or a group of companies in a saved watchlist

TIP: you can also click on the PDF icon in the top right-hand corner of the Smart Summary™ panel to download a PDF of the report

  • Highlighting: Highlight and add tags to transcript content when in Smart Summary™
  • Sentiment & Deflection Charts: We added two new at-a-glance charts to the Smart Summary™ panel. One shows the trend of Management and Analyst Sentiment, and the “spread” between them. The other shows the company’s Deflection score going back 2 years. Click on the chart icon in the top right-hand corner of the panel to get a larger version of these two charts

ss_sentiment charts

Learn more about Smart Summary™ here.

Simple Start Screen

We have simplified the Document Search start screen. You can still find your recent searches on the screen—simply scroll down.

Saved Search Alert Times

You can now select the delivery time and time zone for Daily and Weekly alerts, as well as your preferred day of week for Weekly alerts.

Trending Terms

Check out the “Trending Terms” suggestions that show up for a particular ticker or watchlist when you don’t include anything in the query box.

Table Explorer Table Row Mapping

Get greater control and flexibility when using Table Explorer for modeling with our new interface for reconciling different or changed row names in a table over time. Learn more about Table Explorer changes here.



Better Handling of Unconvertible Files

Sentieo better handles cases where files are encrypted, too large, or otherwise couldn’t be converted into Sentieo’s internally searchable (HTML) format. View an example here.

Email Notification Subject Lines

Most of the share notification emails were formatted as [user] shared a note with you. We received overwhelming feedback that users would instead like to have the note title in the subject line, so we have implemented this request. Now, most share notification emails subject lines will contain the note or thesis name.

File Upload Notifications

Sometimes, less is better. Now when uploading files to your notebook or appending them to a note as an attachment, you can specify whether or not to send out a notification email to anyone the note is shared with. Read more here.   

Adding Tags With Special Characters

Tags now support spaces and the following special characters: period (.), colon (:), underscore (_), forward slash (/).

Bug Fixes

Ticker Syntax

We corrected instances of notes incorrectly being tagged to tickers containing an asterisk in the name (for example, ARA:MM instead of ARA*:MM). This led to notes not correctly linking to a user’s dashboards.

Equity Data Terminal (EDT)


Private Company Data

Data on 750,000 private companies is now available in Sentieo’s EDT, including basic profile information (for example, date founded, location, activity sectors), funding rounds, investments, exits, funds raised, acquisitions, and investors (source: Crunchbase).

 private co data

When available, funding, investment, and M&A data from the private company dataset has also been added to public company profiles in the EDT.

Read more about private company data here.

More Fundamental Data

We dramatically increased the field count (12x!) in the EDT—to 1500 (source: Refinitiv Fundamental Data).

New Model Interface

We updated the look and feel, and responsiveness, of our financial models.

New and Improved Financial Models

We expanded the number of financial models available for income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.


  • Consensus Model: based on Refinitiv I/B/E/S Estimates data, this model shows the actual adjusted figures for historical periods and current consensus for future periods
  • Standardized Model: based on Refinitiv Reuters Fundamentals data, this model takes the financials reported by the company and reclassifies all the items according to a standardized template
  • As Reported Model: based on Refinitiv Reuters Fundamentals data, this model is the closest to the financials reported in a company’s filings and press releases
  • [Updated] Sentieo Model: this model has adjustments like the Consensus model, as well as justifications for the numbers
  • Models for Banks: the EDT now also includes the As Reported and Standardized models for banks

KPIs Now Available

Public company financials now include KPIs pulled from filings, for example the number of iPads, iPhones and Macs that Apple sold each quarter, or the number of new stores Abercrombie opened each quarter.


New Period Options

Calendarized, Next 12 Months (NTM), and Last 12 Months (LTM) periods are now available for all of our models.

period options

Formula Auditing and Data Sourcing

We have added new ways to audit formulas and to understand the underlying data sources.

  • Audit Pop-Up (BETA): Every number in our models and on the ratios page now include a pop-up showing how the formula was calculated


  • Historical Filing Comparison: Click on “Show Earlier Versions” to see a side-by-side comparison of a previous report for the period and the most recent update

earlier version

  • Filing Information: All Standardized and As Reported models include detailed filing information used to produce the numbers

filing info

  • Consensus History (Consensus Model Only): Click on any number and a pop-up will show you the history of the estimate for that number

New Excel Tools for Modeling

All numbers in our financial models are now available for export to Excel to support your own modeling activity—including for the As Reported model! This includes the ability to bring the underlying formulas in the models into Excel.

excel tools


  • More flexibility for handling changes to the Fiscal Year end date (for example, from Mar-YE to Dec-YE)
  • Ability to view a model in Thousands vs Millions
  • Improved handling of restatements and reclassifications
  • Improved handling of preliminary partial data reports, for example revenue only trading updates
  • Improved handling of reporting period changes or unusual reporting periods lengths
  • Clear indication of changes to reporting currency
  • Added custom model definitions to the Sentieo Model

 Read more about EDT and financial data enhancements here.



Document Search Feature Additions

We are excited to announce that the following Document Search features have been added to our mobile phone and iPad apps:

  • “IN:” Commands
  • Query Autocomplete
  • Smart Summary™ Transcript Analysis
  • iPad Alerts and Push Notifications

Bug Fixes & Improvements

We’ve made many fixes and enhancements to improve stability and consistency across the mobile apps.

Learn more about Mobile changes here.



Watchlist Plotting

You can now run comparable analysis or obtain sector-level insights (e.g. Sector Gross Margins, a stock’s multiple relative to the sector) by entering a watchlist in any ticker input box in Plotter. Learn more about Watchlist plotting here.



Click on the blue Guides button at the top right of your screen to learn how to use the most important Plotter functions.

Hybrid Series

We implemented better logic for determining start/end dates of series, plotting onto the proper y-axis, preserving number formatting, and overall stability.

 CSV Uploads

We noticed many CSV uploads were failing because of issues with date formats. We have improved our parser to accept any date format supported in Excel. We also now support having dates in column headers, so you can easily upload key KPI’s from your financial models. Learn more about CSV uploads here.


We simplified the user interface (UI) to make it easier for you to run absolute and relative returns.

Saved Series

We have made it easier to tag series to tickers and topics, and have also made them easier to find. Try using this with Table Explorer or CSV Uploads to manage your own KPIs.


We simplified the correlation section so that you can more easily determine what key factors are driving stock prices and valuations.


We simplified the templates section and added them to the “Add Series” search results to make them easier to use.



View More Content

We removed empty whitespace in document- and news-related widgets so that you can see more entries without needing to scroll.

Open Documents in New Tabs

We added “open in new tab” functionality in document widgets after many users had requested it.

Fewer Crashes

We plugged memory leaks that we found when the Dashboard was kept open for long periods of time.


Click on the blue Guides button at the top right of your screen for tutorials on using key Dashboard functionality.

Learn more about Dashboard changes in V3.9 here.


REMINDER: Sentieo comes with live chat support. Click on the ? icon on the far right side of the top menu bar and select Live Support.


Updated on October 19, 2019

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