Sentieo V4.1

With all of our staff now complying with government mandates to stay at home, the team at Sentieo continues to partner with our customers across the globe in support of their business continuity and work from home goals.

And we continue to work together to enhance the Sentieo platform. In this release you will find more data sources (including support for RSS Feeds), an enhanced Smart Summary™ email report (incorporating more context and visualizations), new dashboard templates, and greater feature parity in our mobile apps.

Your questions, suggestions, and requests about this release or the platform in general are always welcome. Use the Live Support channel in the product or email us. You can find all previous release notes here.

Release Highlights

New Data Sources

Expand your source of insight with more data and documents, including RSS Feeds; regulatory content from the Whitehouse, Energy Department, Energy Information Agency, USDA; and private company peers.

Faster Time to Insight

Ensure no insights are missed with an enhanced Smart Summary™ email report and a new library of dashboard templates for specific use cases, sectors, and our Coronavirus Dashboard.

Improved Research Workflow

Reduce workflow steps and context switching with tighter integration between Sentieo’s Document Search and Notebook functionality, including the ability to tag and comment instantly when reviewing a document.


RSS Feeds

You can now add RSS Feeds as a content source in Document Search to save time with content consolidation and identify unique insights by searching more specialized sources. RSS Feeds can easily be added in the Sources filter in Document Search. Learn how here.

4.1_rss feed

Smart Summary™

Enhanced Smart Summary Email Report

Get insights faster with a more visual format and greater context (including components from our popular Linguistic Intelligence Report) in our enhanced Smart Summary™ Email Report. You’ll now get a word cloud, abstract, chart and heatmap, keyword history, and more in the report that is sent to your email inbox.

new ss report

New Classification Subcategories

We’ve added an additional level of transcript categorization with new subcategory classifications that make it even easier to identify the most relevant content.


Notebook Feature Integration

You can now comment and/or tag any document directly in Document Search–no need to context switch and go into your Notebook to work with these features. Type-ahead populates with your existing tags, you can @ message your teammates within Comments, and your documents are automatically bookmarked and synced to your Notebook.


New Content Sources

We continue to add new data and content sources to Sentieo to make your research and analysis workflow more efficient and productive. This release includes:

  • New Regulatory content from, the Energy Department, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Over 50 new News sources


Table Export for PDFs

We’ve improved our ability to export tables from a PDF. Export all the tables in the document or all the tables on an individual page with once click, rather than one at a time. 

Equity Data Terminal (EDT)


Private Company Peers [Beta]

We’ve added private peers for both public and private companies, pre-classified in categories according to Industry Classification Standards and other factors. This feature is in beta and we welcome your feedback on it as we fine-tune our methodology.


Excel Export Enhancements

We’ve improved the formatting and added pre-built graphs for Excel exports from the Trading Multiples, Earnings Surprise, and Analyst Estimates charts on the EDT Summary Page and in the Charts section.

Enterprise Value (EV) Waterfall Chart

We’ve added a pop-up view of EV composition on the Valuation & Price Target (VPT) page.


Microsoft Office Plugins


More Excel Templates

We’ve added new templates to our Excel Plugin template library for all our EDT models, Price Performance Matrices, Earnings Surprises, Earnings Estimates, and Trading Multiple Trends.

Better Support For Word/Excel/PowerPoint File Uploads

You can now upload an Excel, Word, and PowerPoint file as a new attachment to an existing note, or as a new version of an existing attachment or file already in your Notebook.


Excel Plugin

We’ve made some small, useful improvements to the Excel Plugin:

  • Currency Conversion: curr=gbp will now convert to GBP (Pounds), even for stock prices quoted in pennies
  • FPEndDate: fiscal period end date will now also return values for Calendar periods, including when calling relative periods (e.g., CY-1)
  • Synonyms: we are introducing synonyms to the formula builder on Excel to make it easier to navigate our sizable field library [NOTE: you can submit synonyms you think would be helpful that are not already in place]
  • Padding Control: you can now control how much padding is applied in any direction when pulling a time series into Excel

Screener / Comparable Analysis


We’ve added the ability to display financial data in Reporting Currency, Trading Currency, and New Zealand Dollar.



Revamped Search and Filtering (iPhone and iPad Notebook)

Our updated search and filtering functionalities make it easier for users to search through all of the notes they’ve created during their time on the platform (i.e. while traveling during conferences, earnings season, etc.) through the use of one-tap filters or intuitive commands. Learn more here.

Watchlist Search

You can now search through watchlists on our Mobile apps (iPhone and iPad) in Document Search, just like you can in our Web App.


New Document Sources

We’ve improved our process for making new document sources accessible in our Mobile apps so you’ll start to see minimal wait time when new document sources are added to the Sentieo platform. For example, you can already access the new regulatory sources added with this release in our Mobile apps, as well as PubMed, EPA, and FDA sources.


Formatting Toolbar (iPhone/iPad)

We’ve redesigned our formatting toolbar and increased the amount of formatting options to improve your Mobile Notebook experience. Learn more here.

Improved Stability and Speed

We’ve improved our infrastructure for increased stability and speed to mobile apps.



We made a host of improvements to Plotter in this release, including:

  • FRED Macro Improvement: we removed a lot of duplicate fields and noise in the FRED Macro series
  • Sentieo Plots Library: we added various macro plots to the Sentieo plots library, including several that are related to the Coronavirus
  • Plotter Templates: we improved stability, especially in cases that involve changes made to axis settings and series names
  • Set Series to % Change: we moved Set Series to % Change option to individual axes
  • Child Series: we added Median as a child series option



Dashboard Templates

We are excited to announce that we’ve started to add pre-built dashboard templates to customize your Sentieo experience around specific use cases or sectors. And we’ve made it easier for you to manage all of your existing dashboards from one screen. Learn more here.

  • Documents & Highlights Only: for users who only care about documents
  • Notes & Research Management: for users who are focused on notes, collaboration, and managing thesis data
  • Sector Dashboards: utilize sector-specific charts and widgets (e.g., relative returns vs. XLE or XOP for Energy investors)
  • Macro Dashboard: track treasuries, commodities, and macroeconomic data points


  • Coronavirus Macro and Stock-Specific Dashboards: Track mentions of COVID-19 across different datasets and understand the virus’ impact on asset prices. Quickly find which companies are the largest beneficiaries of the Coronavirus outbreak


New Macro Widgets and Coronavirus Dashboard

Use the new “Coronavirus Macro” dashboard to view live indicators of Coronavirus fears and how they are impacting asset prices. Use the Coronavirus Stock-Specific dashboard to see which of your companies are most impacted by COVID-19.

Alternative Data Widgets

We’ve added the “Google Trends Stacked” and “Alternative Data vs. Revenue Growth” widgets to help you quickly assess trends across your entire portfolio.


Price Monitor Enhancements

  • Performance: significantly faster scroll, sort and interactions, especially on a large number of tickers
  • Live Sorting: when tickers are sorted by price changes, they will automatically re-sort as prices update
  • Currency: Display financial data in Reporting Currency, Trading Currency, and New Zealand Dollar

Plotter Widget Load Times

We’ve improved load times on dashboards that have a large number of Plotter widgets

New Ticker and Watchlist Autocomplete

It is now easier to find the watchlists, public companies, or private companies that you want to add to Dashboard



  • Mark all Notes as Read: users can now manage their unread inbox by clearing all unread messages in a single click
  • Evernote Business: Evernote sync now supports Evernote Business accounts
  • Screenshot User Uploaded Documents: the functionality of Capture Screenshot feature has been extended beyond Sentieo documents and now supports user uploaded documents
Updated on April 4, 2020

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