Sentieo V4.2

Since our last release in early April, our product management, engineering, and QA teams have been heads down making usability improvements and bug fixes across the Sentieo platform. You’ll find a list of the enhancements in Sentieo V4.2 below.

Your questions, suggestions, and requests about this release or the platform in general are always welcome. Use the Live Support channel in the product or email us. You can find all previous release notes here.


  • Saved Search Alerts are now available for all Sentieo Sources, including Regulatory Filings, Professional Journals, and RSS Feeds
  • Dashboard Saved Search widget results are now consistent with Doc Search
  • Keyword Series created in Plotter are now consistent with Doc Search
  • We’ve made Search Summary visual filter navigation enhancements
  • Export Hits now includes market caps populated in the Excel file
  • Highlighter now supports up to 10,000 labels without impacting performance

Equity Data Terminal (EDT)


Exports to Excel

  • Export to Excel is now available for the Consensus Estimate pop-ups
  • We’ve Improved export to Excel for the Financial Matrices EDT page

US Shareholders Data

We are improving our shareholders data, starting with Institutional Shareholders. Our new database was rebuilt from scratch, improving the speed and timeliness at which we detect and onboard new filings (13F). We also incorporated new mechanisms to more efficiently reflect Capital Events (dividends, splits, etc.) to holdings data from historical filings.

Management Information

We revamped our people database, covering now well over a million professionals and even more jobs. Our new database improves the timeliness of updates, collects several new data fields around the individuals, and covers current as well as former executives.

Comparables -> Scatterplot

The trend line feature was previously based on the full list of tickers from the comparable table. Now, the trend line slope and offset will recalibrate to take into account only the tickers that are selected as visible on the graph.

Clickthrough Audit Improvements

We have added detail around the audit calculations; improved the presentation of the results with better number formatting; and fixed a bug which prevented audit popups to open up for financial model periods that are based on preliminary reports.


Findata – Healthcare Companies

We have reviewed and adjusted the standardized financial model template applied to healthcare companies to address issues causing EV calculation to ignore the Cash and Cash Equivalent on some occasions.

Microsoft Office Plugins


Mosaic data is back and available in the Excel plugins, including the full suite of fields we have been building over time on Mosaic on our Web App. Check the formula builder for a walkthrough of the syntax.



Image Resolution Issues

We have fixed the image resolution inconsistencies when uploading images into Mobile. The resolution will now be the same when viewing in the WebApp or emailing them in a note.

Snippet Selection Improvement

Snippets now appear at the bottom of the document, allowing users to seamlessly navigate between snippets without having to leave the document

 Mobile Notebook UI Changes

We have added changes to the UI for a smoother, cleaner experience, including note content view, letter spacing, new icons, and consistent margins

Fixed Push Notification Glitches

Push notifications will now consistently take you directly to the relevant document

IN: Commands Upgrade

We’ve updated IN: commands on Mobile to be consistent with our WebApp, and sorted them alphabetically for an improved user experience.

Outdated Documents on Mobile

If you are looking at an outdated document, you’ll get a message prompting you to refresh the document, so you don’t experience any issues with zooming in/out of the document

Deleting Spaces for Mobile Notes on iPad

We have fixed the issues that users with the newer iPad Pros were having when deleting spaces or creating bullet points



  • Significant improvements have been made to the visual display of bar charts
  • We improved axis handling in templates and when opening plots from Notebook
  • We added horizontal 0% line for any % change series
  • We fixed the logic of grouping datapoints when visualizing long timeframes
  • We improved returns function labeling
  • We improved handling of non-trading days like weekends



  • We fixed the Price Monitor live updating delay issue and have added gray color to indicate when prices are stale
  • Price monitor fields can now be added more easily from the widget header
  • Price Monitor column widths are now remembered when you save views
  • Saved Search widget results are now more accurate
  • We added a Presentations widget




  • Insert highlight, table, divider ,and URL have all been nested in an “Insert” button 
  • Send to Thesis functionality has re-located to the toolbar as an icon


  • Auto-tagging support has been added for email note types and file uploads

Previous Versions

  • Web and local history have been combined into a single UI
  • We’ve improved file versioning logic and UI: versions are now rolled up into a 24 hour periods
  • We added the ability to restore a note from your local history
  • We added the ability to Print a version from history


  • We added a File upload status menu
  • We improved notification visuals when a user is disconnected from the Internet
  • We added more informative messages when viewing a note you are no longer have permission to view
  • Creating a Team note is no longer tied to the auto-share notification flag


  • We added the ability to notify specific users when publishing a thesis
  • We added support for Created, Last update and Owner fields in the Dashboard

Custom Fields

  • We added the ability to remove all existing field data from notes when deleting a field
  • More metadata is now shown when adding a field 


While filtering, new notes shared with a user will only appear in the snippets if the note meets all the filter criteria

  • Attachment counts are now indicated via an icon with the attachment count

Watchlists and Alerts


  • We added a Search option in Watchlist Manager so you can search for the required Watchlist
  • We’ve added PDF documents as attachments in the alerts email
Updated on May 17, 2020

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