Sentieo V4.3

We are rolling out some exciting features in this release! Check out the new NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap, which will help you expedite your understanding of sentiment and business drivers for an organization, or across a peer group of companies, over time. 

You will find new sector templates and widgets to add RSS feeds, IFrames (including Tableau!), and NLP Heatmaps to your dashboards. Plus support for restatements in Table Explorer and the Excel Plugin and for the Price Monitor in the iPad app.

Your questions, suggestions, and requests about this release or the platform in general are always welcome. Use the Live Support channel in the product or email us. You can find all previous release notes here.

Release Highlights

NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap – The evolution of Sentieo’s NLP Smart SummaryTM sentiment analysis technology, NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap expedites the process of uncovering insights from transcripts by making it easy to quickly understand sentiment and business drivers for an organization, or across a peer group of companies, over time.

Sector Dashboards – New dashboard templates for sectors—including energy, technology, REITs, healthcare, consumer, utilities, industrials—help analysts and researchers save time configuring dashboards for at-a-glance tracking of financial data and trends, new documents, news, notes, events, and visualizations.

IFrame, Tableau, RSS Dashboard Widgets – Streamline research workflows and eliminate context switching between multiple applications by embedding RSS feeds and content created in other applications—including Tableau dashboards, widgets, and reports—in Sentieo dashboards using the new IFrame, Tableau, and RSS widgets.

Restatements in Table Explorer – Save time building models with support for restatements in the Excel Plugin and in Table Explorer.

Price Monitor on iPad – Stay productive no matter where you are with the ability to view a Price Monitor on the iPad app.


NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap

The evolution of our NLP Smart SummaryTM sentiment analysis technology, NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap expedites the process of uncovering insights from transcripts by making it easy to quickly understand business drivers, sentiment, and language by topic across a set of peers, in a sector, or an individual company over time. You can access NLP Heatmaps from the upper right-hand corner of the NLP Smart SummaryTM pane or from a company profile in Document Search. Learn more in the Support Center here.




Edit a Saved Search

We’ve added a new workflow for editing a saved search. Look for the pencil icon in the right-hand column when you load a saved search.

Short Search URLs

We’ve added simplified URLs for easier sharing of your search results.

Highlight Overwrite Warning

We’ve added a pop-up warning to prevent you from accidentally overwriting existing highlights.

Stock Exchange Filter

You can now filter your search results by stock exchanges.



New Sector Dashboards

We’ve made it even easier to create a new dashboard by reorganizing the Create Dashboard screen and adding ten new Sector Dashboards!

sector templates

New Widgets

IFrame Widget

Use this widget to add IFrame code for third-party applications into your Sentieo dashboard—you can even link the application’s content to the dashboard’s active ticker. Learn more in the Support Center here.

Tableau Reports

Use this widget to add a Tableau dashboard/widget or a report directly into a Sentieo Dashboard to visualize insights pushed from Tableau. Learn more in the Support Center here.

RSS Feeds

We’ve added a widget to view all subscribed RSS Feeds in a Dashboard. Learn how to add your first RSS feed into Sentieo in this Support Center article.

NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap

You can add our new NLP Topic & Sector Heatmap into a dashboard, with the ability to navigate quickly between tickers and watchlists using Price Monitor. Learn more about NLP Heatmaps in the Support Center.


Parity with Document Search Filters

We have fixed all discrepancies between filters on Document Search and Document widgets on Dashboard.

Price Monitor Views Auto-Saving

Any changes you make to Price Monitor views will automatically save, removing the need to click a save button with each change.

Table Explorer



Restated numbers for older periods are now picked up from the latest period document! Restated numbers are highlighted in pink in the spreadsheet and document below, and users have the ability to switch restatements on/off at the chain level and the column level through the column header menu.


restatement off

Unit Changes

We’ve added the ability to address when a company changes its units from thousands to millions or vice versa. The value of historical periods is adjusted according to the current units. The column where the unit change is detected is highlighted in yellow. Users can go to the column header menu and click ‘apply unit changes’ to adjust the historical units.



Price Monitor (View-Only): You can now bring your Price Monitor with you wherever you are. Simply load up any Views that you’ve created on the web application, include any tickers and watchlists you want to apply the View for, and you’re all set. 

  • NOTE: the Price Monitor is view-only, and currently only available for iPad. All Views will be synced over from your account from the web application, so you must create them there first if you wish to view them on the iPad.

Load Saved Searches (iPad only): We’re constantly working to build parity with our web application so that you have the same Sentieo functionality no matter where you are. That’s why we’ve now made it possible for our users to load all of their saved searches into our iPad Doc Search app! Simply tap on the icon to the left of the ticker bar, select the query you want to load, and execute the search.

  • NOTE: Users will not be able to create their own saved searches on the iPad; you will have to create and save the search on the web application first before being able to load it on the iPad application.


Mobile Notebook Improvements

We added the following enhancements to improve your Notebook experience even further while on our Mobile apps. The additional features include:

  • Paste from Google Doc and Word
  • Block quote
  • Date
  • Other plugins used to render content more effectively and intuitively

iPad UI Tweaks

We’ve made some improvements to the iPad app to make it a more visually pleasing experience.

Enhanced Snippets Navigation (iPhone and iPad)

We’ve made it even more seamless to search through snippets while using our Document Search. Now you can navigate through snippets without having to leave the document.

Microsoft Office Plugins


Excel Plugin

We are introducing the following new features for our Excel Plugin:

Pausing Updates: The Sentieo Excel Plugin works hand in hand with Microsoft Excel, and refreshes the data whenever Microsoft Excel detects certain changes to the spreadsheet formulas and requests data to be updated. This can become painful in some circumstances, for example, while actively making substantial changes to a spreadsheet and Excel keeps trying to update data. This is why we are introducing the ability to “pause” updates. If you want to resume automatic updates, be sure to turn “pause” off!

pause updates

New Templates: We are adding 3 new templates to our Excel library:

  • EDT Consensus Model: This template is a replica of the data from our Consensus Model, including all of the features related to surprise and price reaction for every metric and every period. The consensus model template also offers an alternative view where surprise data is grouped vertically by period.
  • Relative Performance: This template offers 4 spread methodologies (A-B, A+B, A*B, A/B), and calculates many useful statistics around the spread series, including correlation, r-squared, and that of the residual error. The series can also be normalized in multiple ways.
  • Portfolio Total Return: This template offers a basic total return function for a portfolio of up to 6 stocks. You can choose between defining the ownership by shares or weights, with drifting or daily weight rebalancing, and as many rebalancing events as required.

“Period” Function: The new “Period” field lets you find out what absolute period corresponds to a relative period (e.g., FY1=> FY2010), which will help you further optimize model building and easily leverage some formulas that don’t normally accept relative periods (e.g., estimate history for historical periods). Example: =snt(“aapl”,”period”,”fq-3″) will currently return “3Q2019”.

Original Statements: By default, the Excel Plugin formula pulls the latest available restatements. You can now call the earliest version we have for a period by simply adding the optional parameter “report=original_filing” at the end of the formula. Example: =snt(“AAPL”,”SM.Revenue”,”FY2014″,”report=original_filing”)

Microsoft Office Uploader

Office Uploader Search: We’ve made it easier to find the right note to attach a Microsoft Office document to by adding the ability to search for a note by ticker or general tags (vs just by the note name).

office uploader

Desktop Companion v2: We are introducing a new version of our desktop companion app. You can now upload any supported document type directly from the Sentieo Desktop Companion Windows app. Download the new Desktop Companion app (now part of the Office Plugin installation bundle).

You can also set your uploads to be recurring so that whenever the file changes, the Sentieo desktop uploader will re-upload it as a new version to the same location. If you already uploaded a file directly from within Excel, Word, or Powerpoint, you can import the history into the Desktop uploader to enable automatic re-uploads. Learn more in this Support Center article.

desktop companion



Format Your Comments

While plain text comments work for simple communication, many of our users communicate complex data that benefits from more formatting. Comments now support text formatting as well as objects such as charts and images.


Paste from Excel Formatting

You can now maintain the original structure and formatting—including text formatting, row and column size, or cell formatting—when copying/pasting from Excel into a Sentieo note.

Paste from Word and Google Docs Formatting

You can now maintain the original structure and formatting—images, font styles, heading levels, nested lists, complex tables, and other advanced features—when copying/pasting from Word or Google Docs into a Sentieo note.

Highlighted Search Results

When you run a search in the Notebook, the search term will now be highlighted in the note content. Some limitations exist and improvements will continue to be made to this functionality over the next 1-2 releases.

Thesis Notifications

Individual users can now be selected for notification when publishing a thesis.

Auto-sharing Preferences

For users belonging to multiple teams, auto-sharing can now be configured for specific teams as well as note types.



Returns Function


We are now rebalancing watchlists upon delisting and IPO’s.

Plotter UI Tweaks

We have changed the default color scheme and font for improved visual display.

Updated on July 28, 2020

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