Sentieo V4.4

We’re listening!  Look for often requested features in this V4.4 release that will help improve standardization of workflows across teams, as well as broaden market coverage so you can reduce the need to use different market data tools.

Sharing dashboards, saved searches, and note tags across users? Managing and organizing note tags from a single interface? Yes, you can do all of this now!

What about tracking the most active companies by price changes and intraday volume and trading activity, or global equity market performance across various regions? Look for these new features in the main Sentieo dropdown menu!

We welcome your questions, suggestions, and requests about this release or the platform in general. Use the Live Support channel in the product or email us. You’ll find all previous release notes here.

Release Highlights

Workflow Standardization: Onboarding a new user to Sentieo from your team just got easier with the ability to share a dashboard, saved searches, and tags so they can start getting value from the platform more quickly and drop right into the workflow that is already working for the team. We also know how easy it is for there to be “tag sprawl” so we’ve added an interface for managing and organizing tags.

More Market Data: Following on the massive increase in data fields in the Equity Data Terminal (EDT), Sentieo is getting another big boost in market data with:

  • Most Active Stocks (MOST): a new tool for tracking most active companies by price changes and intraday volume and trading activity
  • World Equity Indices (WEI): a new tool for tracking global equity market performance across various regions
  • European Market Coverage: look for coverage of six European equity markets plus the Cboe family of 118 European indices
  • ETF, Mutual Fund, and Institutional Holders Watchlists: 25,000+ portfolios are now available on Price Monitor, MOST, and WEI


Share your Saved Searches

We’ve added a workflow for sharing a saved search. Look for the new Actions menu in the Load Search modal. Learn more in the Support Center here.


Dashboard Sharing

We are rolling out one of the most requested features on Dashboard—the ability to share them. Dashboard views can now be shared across users within a team or across a whole group of users. Team members can choose to clone a shared dashboard in their own accounts to make any edits into it.

db sharing

You can access all your shared dashboards in the Manage Dashboards screen.

manage dbs

Price Monitor: Column Formatting

We have added the ability to format columns in Price Monitor, including:

  • Renaming the column
  • Assigning different alignments to cell values
  • Controlling how many decimal points to see
  • Choosing different number formats for different fields

pm column formatting

Price Monitor: Expanded Ticker Support for Thesis Integration

We can now support nearly 500 tickers with thesis fields in Price Monitor—nearly 25 times more than what we were able to support prior to this release.

No Ticker Dashboards

We have removed the ticker requirement from the Documents and Notes widgets in the Dashboard. You can now view Documents, Notes, and RSS Feeds in Dashboards even if they are not tagged to a Sentieo ticker. Just unlink the widget from Dashboard’s active ticker using the link icon at the top right corner.

no ticker db

Widget Enhancements

We’ve made some improvements to the Document & News widgets, including:

  • Metadata in Document Widgets: You can now see all of the metadata related to a document by clicking on the info icon in the far right
  • Source: You can now see the Source displayed upfront for all the document widgets

docs metadata

  • Card View for News Widget: We are introducing a detailed view for our News Widget. You can toggle between Card View and List View via icons at the top of the widget

card view


2020 U.S. Presidential Election Dashboard (NOTE: This dashboard template will be available on October 1, 2020)

Check out our new 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Dashboard, released to all clients. You can monitor our baskets of long ideas for either candidate, keep an eye on transcripts mentioning elections-related terms, monitor polls, search, website traffic, and even watch live TV. To add this Dashboard, you can find it by clicking on the New Dashboard button.



Tag Management

We’ve added some new features to facilitate the management of tags, including:

  • Tag Groups: You can now categorize related tags into a group
  • Tag Sharing: You can now set a tag to be private or make it accessible to a team
  • Tag Manager: You can now manage tags from a single interface

Learn more about tag management in the Support Center here.

Export Notes to .docx Format

We have added the ability to export Sentieo notes as a .docx file so you can easily edit the note outside of the Sentieo platform.

Modify Create Date

We have added the ability to manually change the create date information of a note or file upload to reflect the correct creation date, for example when uploading historical research into your notebook. Learn more in the Support Center here.


Web Clipper

We’ve added the ability to specify the note category.

Sentieo Drive

Sentieo Drive now supports .msg and .csv file types.


We’ve made enhancements to auto-complete in the Notebook, including:

  • Descriptions have been added for private companies
  • You can now toggle private company results ON/OFF. Learn more in the Support Center here. 
  • You can now toggle primary listing results only ON/OFF. Learn more in the Support Center here. 

Learn more in the Support Center here. 

Equity Data Terminal


Monitor the Market with MOST and WEI

We’re introducing Most Active Stocks (MOST) and World Equity Indices (WEI) to will bring you new ways to analyze intraday price changes top-down and bottom-up, and spot trends and abnormal market activity as they happen. In particular, WEI and MOST introduce live calculations of Z-score and change in AVAT. Learn more about the benefit of AVAT and Z-score in the Support Center here.

Most Active Stocks (MOST)

MOST is a new tool to track most active companies by price changes and intraday volume and trading activity. You can load a ticker, a watchlist, or the portfolio of an ETF, a Mutual Fund, or an Institutional Holder into the MOST tool, which is accessible from the main Sentieo dropdown menu.


Most Active Stocks also includes two additional functions:

  • Number of 52wk. High/Low Events History: This function shows the 52wk High and Low events of the combined ticker list of the table view in a stick chart at the bottom right corner. Click on a stick to pop up the detail of the stocks that hit a new 52wkhigh/low that day.
  • Normalized Performance: Use this function to select multiple ETFs/Indices to plot their total return performance over time.

You can find a Most Active Stocks widget under Prices & Financials to add this tool to your Dashboards.

Learn more about MOST in the Support Center here.

World Equity Indices (WEI)

WEI is a new tool, accessible from the main Sentieo dropdown menu, that you can use to track global equity market performance across various regions by selecting a focus list from our pre-defined list of major ETFs and Indices covering specific countries or industries in various regions globally. WEI includes:

  • Performance by Segment: We have the holdings portfolio for most of the ETFs in WEI. The bottom right panel shows a breakdown of the performance by GICS segment. You can drill further into sectors industry and sub-industries, then to each individual stock’s performance contribution to the full intraday performance of the ETF/Index. The panel also offers the top movers.
  • AVAT (Average Value at Time): AVAT compares the volume of trading up to a point in time in a day to the average up to the same point in time in the past few days. It’s the best way to quickly identify stocks with an abnormally high or low volume of trading. AVAT is a live metric, and you can also click on it to plot the change in AVAT over time today vs history.
  • Normalized Performance: You can use this feature to select multiple ETFs/Indices to plot their total return performance over time.


You can find a World Equity Indices widget under Prices & Financials to add this tool to your Dashboards.

Learn more about WEI in the Support Center here.

New European Equity Markets

We have added six major new European equity markets to our market data offering, strengthening our coverage of the major markets in the largest equity markets of the continent. Typically, even very small and illiquid tickers, where volume of trading is very slim and usually concentrated on the main market only, will now have improved intraday market data. Exchanges added include:

  • London Stock Exchange: Dominant venue in the UK and for GDRs
  • Euronext Paris: Dominant venue in France
  • Euronext Amsterdam: Dominant venue in The Netherlands
  • Euronext Brussels: Dominant venue in Belgium
  • Euronext Lisbon: Dominant venue in Portugal
  • LSE’s Turquoise: UK-based Pan-European, large venue for block trading

Cboe Family of 118 European Indices

We are adding 118 new indices which provide an insight into the performance of the stock market in most major European countries, as well as many UK sector and Pan-European indices.

Learn more about the 118 Cboe indices in the Support Center here.

ETF, Mutual Fund, and Institutional Holders Watchlists

We have started to integrate into Sentieo automatically updated watchlists that reflect the holdings of major ETFs (>2,000), Mutual Funds (>20,000), and US Institutional holders (>5,000).

Please note that these watchlists are currently updated at least once every quarter, so you may find that a recent rebalancing of an underlying index takes some time to reflect on some watchlists. Over the coming weeks we will increase the frequency of updates to daily for most of the major ones. We will also be adding additional ETF holdings from other regions over the coming month.

NOTE: These dynamic watchlists are only available on Most Active Stocks, World Equity Indices, and on Price Monitor for this release; we will make them more widely available across Sentieo soon.

Microsoft Office Plugins


Support for Tags, Categories, and Custom Entities

In line with Sentieo Notebook, we have added support for custom entities and note categories to our suite of Microsoft Office Plugins.

OneNote Plugin (Beta)

The new OneNote Plugin has a single purpose: to seamlessly upload into the Sentieo Notebook a page from OneNote with all its embedded attachments in just a couple of clicks. 

Compatibility: This new Plugin is only compatible with OneNote 2013, 2016, and OneNote for Microsoft 365. The free version of OneNote shipping with Windows does not have the ability to build plugins.


Excel Freezing Spreadsheet Fix

A recent update to Microsoft Excel has caused new issues with the caching of data for volatile functions such as TODAY() and the Sentieo Excel formula SNT(). Saving the file while data is in the process of being retrieved or calculated in the background can corrupt the file, making it freeze when it is opened the next time.

We have implemented mitigation strategies in the Sentieo Excel Plugin to identify and automatically fix corrupted files as they are opened.

We added a walkthrough to manually repair files to our Support Center here.

Table Explorer


20-F Documents

Table Explorer is now available for 20-F documents, covering American depository receipts (ADRs).



Tag Management

We’ve included the ability to access your category tags and tag groups from your Web application so you can view them and apply the tag groups to every note that you’ve created on all of our Mobile applications (iPhone and iPad).

Sentieo Mobile Tags

Simply create the tags in the tag manager on the web application (additional information here), and you’ll be able to access them instantly on your iPhone or iPad applications.

Sentieo Mobile Tags2

NOTE: only tag groups that are created from the web application will be accessible on mobile. You will not be able to create or modify any existing tag groups without having done so on the web application first. The same applies for tag sharing as well (private vs. shared tag groups).


Insert Date Functionality 

To allow our users to better organize their notes, we’ve now included the ability to insert the date and time stamp into their notes. Tap on the attach icon denoted by a paper clip on our formatting toolbar, then select the calendar icon. Once tapped, a header with the date and time will appear on the note.

Mobile Insert Date

Updated on October 5, 2020

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