Sentieo V4.5

December 19, 2020

Library of 800+ RSS Feeds, more financial analysis tools, and Slack integration to streamline your research workflow

As the sun sets on 2020, we are excited to announce the latest release of the Sentieo research platform, Sentieo V4.5. This release includes a new opt-in library of 800+ RSS Feeds. We’ve added more financial tools, including a new relative performance analysis tool and earnings portal. And, you’ll find integration with Slack so you can easily share documents and notes with existing team communication channels.

We’ll also be making a major iPhone app announcement on December 29 so be sure to keep an eye out for that!


Enhanced Trending Topic Analysis

We’re making it even easier to quickly see what topics are trending and how sentiment is changing for a company, plus its peers and sub-industry, with the next generation of our Smart Summary Top Terms. Access the new Trending Topics feature from the main menu, by adding the Trending Topics widget to your Dashboard, and from the Smart Summary panel. Learn More

Opt-In RSS Feed Library

With a library of over 800 RSS feeds, the new RSS Feed Manager lets you easily leverage Sentieo’s powerful search and alert capabilities on additional content while keeping noise to a minimum. Quickly filter feeds by category or name to opt in to hundreds of new sources in minutes. Learn More

Share Documents via Slack

In our continued effort to integrate with common cloud storage and collaboration services, you can now share documents directly from Sentieo with your team via existing communication channels in Slack. Documents can be brought to the attention of your teammates which they can then click through to in Sentieo to review and highlight.  



Multiple Tables in Price Monitor

We’re delivering on the most requested Dashboard feature: the ability to view more tickers in the price monitor by having multiple tables. You can now view over 3x as many tickers without needing to scroll.

Expand Widgets to Full Screen

Look for the expand button at the top right of every widget so you can view more data and run focused analysis without having to leave your Dashboard.

Copy of Screen Recording 2020-12-10 at PM.gif

New Terminal Widgets

Look for these new widgets in the Prices & Financials section of the widget manager:

  • Relative Performance: run relative performance/valuation by visualizing the spread between any two tickers or watchlists across many metrics include returns, P/E, and much more 
  • Earnings Estimates: view the same estimates chart that exists on the Equity Data Terminal Summary
  • Earnings Surprise Trend: view the same surprises chart that exists on the Equity Data Terminal Summary


We’ve added these Dashboard improvements to streamline your workflow:

  • Open in Plotter: for any Plotter widget, click Open in Plotter to launch in Plotter and make adjustments
  • Create Watchlist: quickly convert any group of tickers entered in your dashboard to a watchlist
  • Price Monitor UI Tweaks: added an option to fit columns, added a setting to clip long watchlist names, and tweaked the visual design



Share Your Research via Slack

In our continued effort to integrate with common cloud storage and collaboration services, you can now share notes directly from Sentieo with your team via existing communication channels in Slack. Research can be brought to the attention of your teammates and previewed in Slack, then fully consumed within Sentieo. Learn More

Search Relevance

Surface more relevant results when searching notes and highlights with Boolean operators, like “OR” for parallel searches and “BEFORE/NEAR/FAR” for proximity and order control (just like the query operators in Document Search!).

Financial Synonyms

Synonyms of commonly used financial terms will now appear in your search results by default. For example, when you search for “sales”, you will also pick up “revenue”. You don’t need to know the exact term that a company uses in order to find what you’re looking for.

Please Note: Quotes should now be placed around a phrase or single word to turn off synonyms and search for an exact match.


Thesis Block Reordering

You can now reorder your thesis text and field blocks by dragging and dropping them to where you want them.

Equity Data Terminal (EDT)


Relative Performance Analysis

Relative Performance, Sentieo’s new tool to analyze the historical relationship between two time series, can be used for many use cases, such as:

  • Quickly comparing two companies’ total return or profit margin
  • Simulating a portfolio’s EV/Sales
  • Tracking the spread between the offer price and the target company’s share price for an announced merger

Relative Performance can be found under Charts in the left-hand navigation of the EDT and is extremely easy and quick to set up: select a metric from the dropdown, type in two tickers, and select an analysis between spread (-), ratio (/), addition (+), multiple (x)…and you are all set! Learn More

ETF Financial Metrics and Trading Multiples

Over 40 trading multiples, ratios, returns, and financial metrics are now available for all U.S. Equity ETFs, and a growing list of European and APAC ETFs. We calculate all these metrics so you know that the same methodology and a single data source (our core estimates and fundamental data are based on Refinitiv datasets) are used across the board.

ETF metrics are accessible through Relative Performance and our existing financial data tools including Plotter, Screener, Comparable Tables, Price Monitor, and Excel. Learn More

Watchlist Financial Metrics and Trading Multiples

Select a watchlist or enter multiple tickers in Relative Performance to simulate a portfolio and calculate its return on the fly, financial metrics, ratios, or trading multiples, using the same methodology we apply to ETF portfolio histories. While the rebalancing is set to yearly and on a market cap weighting by default, you can change those in two clicks to shorter frequencies and equal-weighting. Learn More

Earnings Portal (Beta)

Look for the new Earnings Portal in the EDT where you will find all of the pre-existing Estimate-related features in a convenient single page, along with the new Estimates Overview. Learn More

Estimates Overview is a concise and easy to read summary consensus model, which focuses on the differences between a company’s Actuals and Consensus Estimates and the average Actuals and Estimates of a peer group. For each metric you will see how many peers beat/missed and the average % surprise. While the peer group is the basic Sentieo Peers list, you can choose to use instead GICS peers, a watchlist, a portfolio, or make up a list on the fly by typing in individual tickers.

Export to Excel: World Equity Indices (WEI) & Most Actives Stocks (MOST) 

You can now export any of the features from WEI and MOST to Excel, including  beautiful graphs and additional metadata for context around the export, pre-formatted to print on U.S. Letter or A4 paper formats.

Microsoft Office Plugins


Earnings Scorecard Excel Template

Check out the Earnings Report template in the Excel Plugin. Simply enter a watchlist, select an observation date, and the template will produce an account of the earning season in progress, including how many companies reported, the average surprise and the number of beats/misses grouped by sector and region, and the upcoming earning calendar week. Bonus: the workbook is also pre-formatted for easy printing.

We welcome your questions, suggestions, and requests about this release or the platform in general. Use the Live Support channel in the product or email us. You’ll find all previous release notes here and a library of useful “how to” videos on the Sentieo YouTube channel.

Updated on December 20, 2020

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