Sentieo V4.6

April 10, 2021

Optimize Your Research Workflow with Sentieo Integrations

We are excited to continue the evolution of our integrations to deliver more support for your existing content, tools, and workflow—helping you save more time and reduce the need to context switch between disparate systems.

With this release, we are launching Sentieo Platform Integrations, a suite of existing (e.g., Slack, Evernote, Microsoft Office) and new ways to integrate with Sentieo. New integrations include support for bringing research and other content from Box and Dropbox into Sentieo Document Search, and Sentieo Platform APIs for notes integration and Security Master management to facilitate large-scale enterprise deployments of Sentieo.

We are also opening up access to our Smart SummaryTM sentiment and topic analysis so you can run our models on your own uploaded documents.


Box & Dropbox Integrations

Leverage Sentieo’s powerful search capability on up to 1GB of personal documents with a Box or Dropbox integration via Sentieo Drive. New files can be automatically uploaded to Sentieo and made available for use in Document Search. Learn more in the Support Center here.

Smart SummaryTM Model on Uploaded Text

Sentieo’s Smart Summary for earnings transcripts provides a consistent, numerical interpretation of call sentiment and trending topics through time and across peers. With this release we are opening up our sentiment model to you. With a few clicks you can upload any text document, run it through our NLP pipeline, and generate the Smart Summary content. From overall sentiment down to category and keyword sentiment to the NLP heatmap and the positive/negative text overlay we are giving complete visibility into how our model interprets your text. Learn more in the Support Center here.


More Content

  • The tweets currently available in the News tab are now searchable in Document Search
  • ESG content from Know the Chain and the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre has been added
  • 510(K) Clearances from the FDA are available under Regulatory Filings
  • Sustainalytics Risk Ratings reports are available to Sustainalytics’ customers via Sentieo.  You can request entitlement from a Sentieo CS or sales representative.

Section Redlining Enhancements

  • Section Redlining is now supported for S-1s
  • Section Redlining for 10-Ks and 10-Qs now includes metrics on tables added, deleted, or changed



View Uploaded Content in Your Native Browser

By default, all user uploaded content (PDFs, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) will now render using your native browser instead of the Sentieo doc viewer. Learn more in the Support Center here.

Connect Multiple Slack Workspaces

You can now share your Notebook content to different Slack teams you’re working with by linking Sentieo to multiple Slack workspaces. Learn how in the Support Center here.

Display Thesis Data on a Stock Price Chart

Price charts at the top of each thesis now have the ability to display your thesis field data to visualize the field value in relation to the timeframe of the stock price as well as when the thesis was published. Hover over a green dot to display the stock price and field value.


Price Monitor Thesis Selector

If you have multiple thesis sheets for the same company, you can now browse a list of all available thesis sheets and select the desired thesis to populate within the Price Monitor. Learn more in the Support Center here.

Thesis selector
Tag Usability

We’ve made some small tweaks to tagging functionality to improve your experience, including:

  • Only one tag name per team is now allowed, regardless of letter case
  • Tags can now only be permissioned to be private or shared with a team, not both
  • In cases where the same tag is permissioned across multiple teams, only a single instance of the tag is displayed in the auto-complete rather than an instance for each permissioned team



Open Multiple Dashboard Tabs

We’ve added support for multiple dashboards in Sentieo to help you save time switching across your dashboards. You can open multiple dashboards by clicking the “open in new tab” option from the Dashboard dropdown menu on the top left of the dashboard screen.


Dashboard Menu Enhancements

We’ve organized the Dashboard dropdown into “My Recent Dashboards” and “Shared Dashboards” and added a red dot to indicate if you have a new shared dashboard.


Create a Copy of Your Dashboards to Share

You can now create a copy of your dashboards to share with another user or team. This will create saved searches, plots, and watchlists in the user’s account in a single click along with an exact replica of the dashboard that they can then modify as needed.




Transcript Sentiment Scores

You can now add transcript sentiment scores of all the categories and subcategories that are available in the NLP heatmaps to your visualizations.



We’ve added options to customize the hybrid series in Plotter, including the ability to:

  • Define the number of series required to compute weighted/hybrid series
  • Define how to fill the missing data points in a series
  • Drop the last n points in the calculation to remove y axis skewness


You will find similar options under the series settings menu once the weighted series is plotted, so you can further edit the series.

Equity Data Terminal (EDT)


More Excel Templates

Take advantage of new Excel templates covering over 50 technical indicators. Each indicator comes with a definition and dedicated settings as well as the usual values and boundaries for easy interpretation.

Microsoft Office Plugins


Upload to Notebook Thesis

You can now upload an email to a Sentieo Notebook Thesis and publish it right out of Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook uploader also supports bulk uploads, so that you can, for example, add multiple blocks into a single thesis before publishing it at once with a few clicks.


Our team is thrilled to introduce a number of new features and improvements to our mobile apps! For the full list of features and enhancements that are being included in Mobile V4.6, please read the Mobile release notes here.


Price Monitor Now Available on iPhone App

Now all of our mobile apps have Price Monitor functionality (see on the Home Page under Starred Watchlists, Watchlist Overview page, and More Menu)! Similar to the iPad app, all views are synced over from the web app. All you need to do is load up a view (the web app default view is loaded up initially), input as many tickers/watchlists as you’d like, and view financial data for all loaded companies. Tap on the equalizer icon on the top right to zoom in/out, or view in landscape/full-screen view to see as much data as possible.


Support for Offline Images

To facilitate your RMS workflow on mobile, offline images are now available so you can access any images synced over from the web app while on the go. This includes:

  • Rendering of images
  • The ability to upload images while in offline mode
  • Bulk downloading of images for existing notes


Financials Enhancements

We’ve added the ability for you to:

  • Toggle data between QoQ/YoY
  • Zoom in/out
  • View Price Monitor, Comparable Analysis, Financials in Landscape mode


Quarterly View in Landscape Mode


QoQ/YoY toggle with Zoom in/out functionality

Home Page Configuration and Global Settings

We’ve added a toggle to the Settings page where you can expand the display of Upcoming Earnings and News Stream to include all watchlist tickers (versus just the documents and data based on your starred watchlists).



Note: If your Ops or IT team is interested in talking with us about how they might leverage our platform APIs to support a large scale deployment of Sentieo, pleae reach out to our Customer Success team at

Updated on April 14, 2021

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