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Set up SFTP Upload with FileZilla

Downloading FileZilla

FileZilla comes in many versions. Pick the one for your operating system (Windows 32bit or 64bit, macOS or Linux) from here.

You can select either the installable .exe version or the .zip version.

The .exe version is preferable; the update process is smoother when new versions of FileZilla are released. 

If you cannot install software due to IT policy, use the zip version once you’ve checked with your IT department for approval. Simply unzip the file and open filezilla.exe. 

We strongly recommend that you get in touch with your IT Administrator either way for assistance and to confirm it is acceptable within your IT policies to install FileZilla.

Using FileZilla Client 

Set up a Connection to Sentieo Connect SFTP Servers

Click on the first button in the top ribbon (1).

The site manager will open. Click on New site (2).

Enter the details as follows (3):

  • Protocol: select “SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol” in the dropdown
  • Host: enter “sftp-userdata.sentieo.com”
  • Port: leave empty
  • Logon Type: select “Normal”
  • User: enter your Sentieo username.
  • Password: enter your Sentieo sftp password, which you can find here.

Press “OK” (4)

Upload a File to Sentieo Connect

  • (1) Connect to Sentieo SFTP Server (go to the connection manager, select the connection from the list, and press “Connect”).
  • (2) Navigate to the directory with the file you want to upload in the left pane 
  • (3) Double click on the file to upload, or drag and drop it to the pane noted at #(3) below.
  • (4) You will see a confirmation message the file was uploaded successfully in the pane #(4). 

Updated on April 13, 2022

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