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Shareholders Feature

Explore all the relevant shareholder information by company name, company ticker, or fund name without leaving Sentieo. Also see the current number of shares owned, their valuation, and changes.


The Shareholders feature can be accessed through the new tab button at the top of your screen.

Input a company name, ticker, or fund name and hit Enter to submit your request. You will also be able to choose from the autocomplete menu as you type.


After running a company, you can create another search or sort through the different tables using the navigational sidebar to the left. Choose between All Shareholders, Institutional Holders, and Insider Transactions.

  • All Shareholders – List every institution and individual that owns shares of the currently selected company
  • Institutional Holders – List only established organizations that own shares of the currently selected company
  • Insider Transactions – List all share transactions planned and completed by individuals


Researching shareholders

Selecting All Shareholders or Institutional Holders will generate a complete list of shareholders that are invested in the company currently in the search field. You can sort filings by any of the columns, which include the type of investor, number of shares, the value of shares, the percentage of the shareholder’s portfolio comprised of this company, and change since the last period.


Page forward and backward using the arrows in the bottom right of the viewing panel.


Filter filings by date using the button at the top right; this button reads Most Recent by default. Selecting a date will show all filing data up to that date.


Click on the blue name of any shareholder, in the first column, to see the shares they currently hold and their value. You can always return to the previous page by clicking Return to AAPL (where AAPL will be replaced with whichever ticker or shareholder you were previously looking at) in the top left of your screen.


To view the original source of the data, click on the blue box and arrow next to the filing type. You will be sent to the SEC EDGAR filing archives in a new browser tab.

Utilizing detailed transaction history

Explore buys, sales, conversions, planned buys, planned sales, planned conversions, and awards/gifts listed by the shareholder’s name and sortable by any column.


Refer to the chart in the top left for the automatically plotted stock price and number of shares over time. Use the options above the chart to select the time window you’re looking at and the scroll bar at the bottom to look at newer/older dates.








Use the dropdown menu to select Buys/Sells Only or display All transactions by default (includes conversions and awards/gifts besides buys and sells).


To view the original source of the data, click on the View Filing button under the Source column. You will be sent to the corresponding SEC Form 4 in a new browser tab.


Updated on December 5, 2017

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