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Smart Summary

Our Product Management group of former Buy Side analysts has teamed up with our Engineering group to train a set of Deep Learning algorithms to “classify” transcript sentences.

Use Smart Summary to save time and get insights quickly during busy earnings seasons.

Getting Started

To access Smart Summary, load up any transcript and click the brain icon in the right tool bar.


The Smart Summary panel will open.


Classification Framework

Our algorithm automatically categorizes every sentence in a transcript.  Click on a category to see classified sentences organized by subcategories.


  • Business Drivers: Big picture business drivers and market conditions, both historical and forward
  • Guidance: Forward statements that specifically refer to guidance across financial metrics
  • COVID-19: Sentences referring to the pandemic
  • Corporate Actions: Historical and forward statements regarding corporate actions including M&A, synergies, restructuring, etc…
  • Economic: General economic conditions
  • Legal/Regulatory: References to litigation, legal risk, regulatory actions, etc…
  • ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance topics
  • Deflection: Overly positive or overly negative sentences, sentences with a description of a cognitive process (“I guess”), or which contain a reference to general knowledge, value creation (“shareholder value”), or deceptive terms like “not sure” – all based on academic research studies regarding deceptive or potentially misleading terminology in financial filings
  • General Topics: Specific topics of interest across the business landscape
  • Country/Region: Remarks specific to a geography or region
  • Positive/Negative: A probability-based classification of a sentence’s sentiment intensity

Key Terms

We have mined the document to extract key noun phrases, sorted by frequency in the document, cited by either Management or Analysts.

Table View

Table view – triggered by clicking on the small table icon in the upper right corner –  works in two modes – first when “Classification” is selected, and second when “Key Terms” is selected.

Classification Table View initially loads sorted by document order.  Clicking on the column headers allows for ascending and descending sort order by Class.  Also, the “filter” field allows for filtering by terms – such as “Gross Margin” – which then allows for sorting by Class filtered by a specific term or phrase.

Key Terms Table View initially loads as a comparison between the current transcript versus the previous transcript, and allows for sorting and filtering by term along total, Management, or Analyst terms.

Sentiment Chart

An interactive chart overlays Overall Sentiment with the stock price.  Click  Management and Analyst in the chart legend to see sentiment history for each group broken out.  To pop out a larger version of the chart click the chart icon in the upper right corner of the panel.

Smart Summary Report

The Smart Summary™ can be download as a PDF.  This report includes a one page tear sheet, followed by the Top 5 sentences by category with links to the full text which is appended at the end for convenience.


Smart Summary Transcript Email Alerts

When you sign up for email alerts, you can get a Smart Summary PDF report delivered to your inbox.  Smart Summary goes out on the Preliminary transcript, one per “event” (not one per transcript), and will be withheld if no classifications are generated.

Enable Smart Summary email alerts

Open the Watchlist Manager, select a watchlist and click Configure Alerts for Entire Watchlist.


Make sure Transcripts alerts are set to “Yes”


Select Settings from the User icon on the upper left of the screen


Go to System Alerts and set Smart Summary Alerts to yes


The Smart Summary PDF file will now be included as an attachment in the Earnings Transcript email alerts for the watchlist.







Updated on April 7, 2020

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