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Something weird is happening with Sentieo- help!

For an optimal experience, be sure to use Google Chrome when using Sentieo.

    1. Check to see if cached files are a problem.  Use Google Chrome and refresh the page by hitting Ctrl + Shift + R.  This will reload the page while ignoring cached files.
    2. If you have ad blockers or antivirus extensions installed on your browser, try using Chrome’s incognito mode (Ctrl + Shift + N) where these extensions are disabled.  Some ad blockers such as Ublock Origin will cause major problems with Sentieo.
    3. Try clearing your cache.  Copy and paste chrome://settings/content/cookies into your URL bar.  Search for Sentieo, select Remove All, and confirm Clear All in the pop up.
    4. Talk to us via Intercom!  Go to sentieo.com or app.sentieo.com.  Click on the chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen.
    5. (Restart your computer.)

If we are having trouble reproducing your problem, you can install the free tool TinyTake (for Windows & Mac) to send us a video of your problem.

Updated on September 20, 2017

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