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Statements Feature

The Statement feature is your one-stop portal to standardized financial statements and all notes concerning them. Simply input a company to have Sentieo return income statements, balance sheets, geographic information, and notes to statements.


Click on Statements under the new tab button at the top of Sentieo to get started. You will be greeted by a blank page with a ticker search field in the top left.

Type in the name of the company of interest, or its ticker, and hit Enter. A segmented list will appear in the left sidebar for navigating the company’s statements. All information is shown under the categories Financial Statements, Segment & Geographic Info, or Notes to Financial Statements.

Viewing Statements

Click on any of the blue titles to open the document in the main viewing panel to the right.


Select the quarter or fiscal year you would like to research from the dropdown menu. Reveal the date selection dropdown menu and search field by clicking here:

Using table extraction

Sentieo’s table extraction tools have probably already saved you hours in our Document Search; now, leverage the same power within the Statements feature as well.


The extraction toolbar will automatically appear above every standard table you come across and gives you the ability to instantly:


Updated on December 5, 2017

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