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Table Explorer Overview

Sentieo significantly expedites the process of extracting valuable data from tables in SEC filings, allowing you to build great financial models with less work.

Access our table extraction tools via the toolbar above every table in a SEC filing (e.g. 10K, 10Q, Earnings 8K, etc.). This toolbar is shown in the image below:

Update your models with newly released values

Add data to your models straight from the filing source. You no longer have to worry about double-checking your typed entries for fat-finger errors.

Step 1: Find and select the relevant 10K, 10Q, or Earnings 8K.

You can use our smart filters to quickly retrieve these document types by using the following query: in:10k in:10q in:8k

Step 2: Locate a table with values you would like to add to your model.

Step 3: Export data from any table to Excel by selecting the Export Table to Excel button.

Save tables to your Notebook for future reference

If you come across a table you would like to reference at a later date, simply press the Highlight Table button to send a copy of the table to your Sentieo Notebook. The table will automatically get tagged with the appropriate ticker and label for easy search and recall.

Chain tables together with Table Explorer

TableX offers various options so you can set up (and save) your preferred view.  Open the Customize dropdown to select the cell content, the position of the full year column, and the sorting and grouping of years and quarters.  

Use Quarterize to convert YTD numbers to quarterly to save time when analyzing cash flow statements or any other tables reported in 3M, 6M, 9M, 12M format.  Similarly, you can configure the table to have the fourth quarter display the FY-YTD number via the Q4 Columns dropdown.

Once you are happy with the table use the + Load More History to add data in 5 year chunks and export your data to Excel, Plotter or Notebook.

Use the triple dot menu to customize the page layout to view up to three tables side by side.  Now you are ready to dig into the numbers!

Compare restated and original values easily.  Pink flagged cells indicate a restatement.  Clicking these cells will display the restated document on the right and the original document on the left for easy auditing.

Quickly retrieve previous instances of a table with Similar Tables

Gone are the days of digging through filing after filing to locate the same table from previous time periods. Using the Similar Tables feature, you can retrieve all instances of a particular table from all past filings with the click of a button. This is particularly helpful when building new models or bringing older models up to date.

Find all previous instances of line items with Time Series

Time Series is a great tool for digging deeper into line items that are of particular interest.

After selecting the line item(s) you want to look at, Sentieo will crawl through and extract values for this line item in all 10K and 10Q, and Earning 8k filings. These numbers are fully auditable by clicking on the value to see the source table.

You also have the option to Export to Excel and dump the numbers into your model, Open in Plotter to visualize any trends in the data, or Save Series in order to reference these values at a later time.

Updated on February 28, 2022

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