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The New Notebook Experience

What’s the new Notebook?

Notebook team has created the new Notebook with three principles in mind.

  • A clean, modern look. We’ve incorporated user feedback as well as design principles found in modern note-taking and productivity apps to build a product that is easier on the eye and avoids overwhelming users by decluttering UI and surfacing commonly used feature prominently.
  • More configurable. More configurability and control over your Notebook‘s appearance. For example, we have added the ability for users to toggle between snippet and list view, giving users option to prioritize between seeing actual note contents or more truncated notes in a list. Also, the introduction of collapsible note headers and panes allows for a more focused view with less distractions as well.
  • A stronger foundation. This design update moves the Notebook to a new codebase that is faster, more stable and reliable. With this update, Notebook team will be able to fix bugs quicker and release new features more often to improve users’ experience. This update plays an important role in building features with long-term stability and scalability in mind.

Overview of changes

Accessing your settings

Notebook settings are now located inside of a gear icon next to your username:

  • Personal notebook settings can be found inside of Notebook Preferences and are displayed inside a pop-up for quick access.
  • Notebook workspace configuration, including tag manager, custom fields, note categories and integrations are accessible via the same menu.

Creating a new note

The new note button is located at the top left corner of the screen:

Note templates are now accessible in a slide-out menu and will appear as a pop-up with a preview of the template’s contents:

Notebook inboxes

  • Toggle between All Notes, My Notes and Shared with me using the notebook inboxes on the left side navigation pane.
  • Additional inboxes can be revealed by clicking on “Show more” to reveal Starred, Mentions, Comments, Trash.  


From Manage Filters menu, you can manage the visibility and order of the filters that appear on your navigation pane:


By default, the top 10 values within each filter category are shown based on your sort order:

Please note:

  • Multiple values can be selected at the same time.
  • Selected values will values jump to the top of the list.
  • While using filter search, any values that do not match the string of text typed will be hidden.

To view the full list of values within a filter category, click on View All to trigger a pop-up with the full list of values:

The Notebook search field is now located above your list of note results:

Depending on which notebook inbox you have selected, you will see the respective name in the top left corner (Eg. “All Notes” is shown because the “All Notes” inbox is active)

When a search is active:

  • The note count of relevant results will be displayed at the top right corner.
  • The styling of the search field will appear white with a blue outline.

Modifying your Notebook layout

  1. Toggle between Read and Unread notes
    1. Use the All and Unread tabs above the list of note results.
Note sort options:

Configure how your note results are sorted using the Note Sort Options menu:


View options:

Configure how your note results look using the View Options menu:



List View: No reading pane, table view of your note results:


Card View: Reading pane appears on the right side:


Configure the amount of white space between each note result

Display information

Configure what information to display in the note results. The following can be turned ON/OFF

  • Body text
  • Tickers
  • Tags
  • Icons

Sharing a note

To share a note, begin by clicking on the Share button:

A pop-up will appear, where you can enter the name of the user or team you want to share the note with:

Once you enter the user or team name, you’ll be able to select whether or not you want to include an e-mail notification while inviting them to your note. You can also customize e-mail notification message by clicking on “Add message”:

From the same menu, you can control the note access level as well as get a link to the note to share with users:

When you return to your note, you’ll notice that the Share button now says Shared, along with a number indicating the count of users and teams you’ve shared the note with:

To send an update to users invited to the note, select the envelope icon next to the Shared button, select the user(s) or team(s) and click Notify:

Note menu options

Some of the note functionality that could previously be accessed as a button on the header have been tucked away into the note’s More menu to keep your note clutter-free:


Updated on July 7, 2022

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