Upload data in Bulk from Excel

The Excel Uploader is the primary method of uploading data files to Sentieo Connect. The Sentieo Excel Add-In offers a helpful interface that allows you to upload data and review your upload history.

Our support center has instructions to download and install the Add-in here.

Data file format: Should I use Upload Templates or File Mapping?

Sentieo Connect needs to be directed as to the relevant information it should ingest from an uploaded spreadsheet.

For that, you can either upload the file and follow a wizard to identify the relevant datapoints, or add to your workbook a pre-configured template from Sentieo. Each option is better suited to different situations.

  • Templates are fast and easy; just link into them the relevant data from your model. It is less cumbersome than the manual mapping process. However, it adds an extra spreadsheet to your workbook, which may be inconvenient or even impossible sometimes (e.g. if you have no control over the source file).
  • Manual Mapping does not require you to add a sheet to your workbook. It is mostly useful if you have no control over the source file (eg: it comes from a 3rd-party data provider, or from another software you use). However, you’ll need some training to become familiar with the Table Mapping wizard.

Please follow this link for a step by step walkthrough of the manual mapping process.

Template Library

All Sentieo Templates are here . We tried to cover multiple common ways of organizing data. Pick the template closer to how your own spreadsheet is organized, so you can link one cell and drag the formula across to help speed up the setup process.

If none of our templates fits your models, please let us know on the support chat. We love the feedback; we want to keep adding templates that will work for every use case!

Updated on April 13, 2022

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