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User & Group Management [Beta]

User Management

The option to manage users in your organization can be found by clicking on the user (person) icon on the top-right of the user interface (shown below). Click on Settings and then click on the Users tab.

Please note: The Users tab is visible only to the administrator/s of an organization. Please reach out to Sentieo’s customer success manager to make an administrator for your organization.



User’s Role Management

Administrators can change the role of other users in their organization to one of the following:

  • Admin
    • Admin Users have access to User and Group management functionalities
    • There can be more than one administrator in an organization
    • One administrator can remove admin access of another administrator
  • End User
    • A Sentieo user with access to all functionalities as per the purchased product plan
    • End users are counted against the licenses purchased in an organization
    • One can not create more end users and administrators than the total licenses purchased
  • Trial
    • User with 14 day free access to the Sentieo platform
    • In order to retain access beyond expiry of trial period, please contact customer support (success@sentieo.com)
    • Trial user can be converted to an End user if there are purchased licenses available


Control Access to Sentieo

An Admin user can change access to the Sentieo app for other users through the Status picklist:

  • Active state turns on the access to Sentieo
  • Inactive state turns off the access to Sentieo

Please note:

  • A Trial user’s status cannot be turned to ‘Active’ once it becomes ‘Inactive’
  • Only Admin and End User roles with ‘Active’ status are counted against the purchased licenses of your organization


An Admin can send a password link to an End User and a Trial user.


Add or Invite Users

Admins can add other users from their organization by clicking on the “+Add Users” button, provide the user details,  and then click on send invite. Login credentials are sent to the user once the ‘Send Invites’ button is pressed.

Please note:

  • Total number of End Users and Admin users cannot exceed the number of purchased licenses
  • Any number of trial users can be added which will have access for 14 days from he invite date
  • Users can only be invited from the same email domain as the Admin



Manage Groups

Admin users can also manage groups in their organization. You can find that option in the settings menu under the Groups tab.

Create a Group

  • Click on the “+Create Group” button:


  • Provide Group name and add users to be added to the new group
  • Click on Create


Manage Users in a Group

  • Add user to a group by clicking on the “Add Users” icon that appears when hovering over the group name and then select the users from the popup that appears


  • Delete users from a group by clicking on the delete icon on the right of the user within a group. Please note that this only removes the user from that group (it does not delete the actual user).


Delete a Group

  • Click on the Delete icon that appears when hovering over the group name.



Updated on March 19, 2021

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