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Using Mosaic Alerts to Track Your Portfolio

The Mosaic Alert email (currently in beta) is meant to help you track alternative data across your portfolio, without having to cycle through individual tickers.

The email will track your followed tickers and then send and alert for the subset of those tickers with upcoming earnings releases.

The Summary Table


  • Tickers are arranged in order of the earnings data.
  • Optimal Metric: This is a selection between Revenue and a company-specific KPI, depending on which correlates better with underlying alternative data.
  • Current Quarter YoY% Growth:
    • Sentieo Index Prediction: the predicted value based on our regression model
    • Optimal Metric Consensus: the current consensus expectation for the YoY% of either Revenue or KPI
    • Difference: the upside/downside of the Sentieo Index vs. Consensus. This is the most important column to focus on.
  • Current Quarter YoY% Acceleration: this has the same sub-columns as YoY% Growth, but just applied to the acceleration. As a reminder, YoY% Acceleration is simply the difference between this quarter’s and last quarter’s YoY% growth number.

The Single Ticker View


  • The chart on the left side compares the Sentieo Index Prediction vs. the financial metric. The dotted portion of the financial metric’s line indicates a consensus estimate.


  • This table displays the datasets that are making up the Sentieo Index, with the highest r-squared dataset showing up at the top


  • This table displays historical relationships between the Sentieo Index and the Revenue/KPI.
  • The first three columns deal with YoY% growth, while the next three columns deal with YoY% Acceleration. We tend to find that YoY% Acceleration is the more meaningful section to focus on, but it’s always great when you’re seeing both YoY% and YoY% Acceleration showing positive trends.


The Mosaic Alert email is a great way to scan your followed tickers. Once you find something that looks interesting, we recommend clicking on the stock’s chart from the email to open that ticker up in the Mosaic module.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to email arib@sentieo.com or support@sentieo.com.

Updated on May 1, 2019

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