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Viewing Analyst Estimates

Sentieo provides forward-looking financials based on consensus estimates (the average of all the current estimates made available by brokerage analysts). There are several different ways to view these numbers.

Summary Page

Valuation & Model

This table shows key financial metrics on a historical and projected basis:

Analyst Ratings & Price Targets

View consensus price target and recommendation information:

Price targets are a 12 month average of individual price target estimates submitted by sell-side analysts that cover the stock.

Annual Financial Model

Numbers highlighted in blue are yearly estimates that can be manually edited. Any changes will flow through to the rest of the financial model. You can click Switch to Interim Model to switch to a quarterly view.

The financial model can be exported to Excel by clicking on the Excel icon at the top right corner:

Financial Matrices

Quarterly and full year numbers are also displayed in our Financial Matrices section with options to export to Excel. To view a different financial metric, click on the Edit button and switch to the metric that you would like to view. You can also switch between %QoQ change and %YoY change:

Estimates Chart

Visualize changes in consensus analyst estimates over time. Each line represents the estimates for a given year and ends once earnings are released. This chart lets you easily visualize the ebb and flow of analyst sentiment over time. You can toggle different metrics using the drop-down at the top right corner as well as:

Email – Quickly send the data by email
Add to Notebook  Send the data to your Notebook
Export as Image – Download a .png file
Export to CSV 
– Download a .csv file
Export to Excel – Download an Excel spreadsheet
Open in Plotter – Visualize the data in Sentieo Plotter

If the chart is too cluttered, you can click on the years on the bottom of the chart to disable specific series.

Excel Plugin

You can also use our Excel plugin to seamlessly pull in estimates:

Get started with Sentieo’s Excel Plugin here.

Updated on August 1, 2017

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