• CapEx (SM.Capex)

    CapEx (SM.Capex) is the Capital Expenditure as reported on the Cash Flow Statement. The calculation also includes the purchase of certain intangible assets such as software, and wireless spectrum in the case of Telecom Services companies. It is generally equivalent to the “Capital Expenditures (SF.CF.CapitalExpenditures)” value from Standardized model. In…

  • CapEx % Of Sales (SM.Capex_Margin)

    CapEx % Of Sales (SM.Capex_Margin) represents capital expenditure relative to revenue. It can be shown as- “(-1* (CapEx (SM.Capex)) / Revenue (SM.Revenue)) *100 ”.

  • CapEx Estimate History (SE.Capex_est)

    CapEx Estimate History (SE.Capex_est) returns the CapEx estimate history from IBES. Estimates for any period are available as a daily time series. Mean, median, high, low & standard deviation of analyst estimates is available. Number of analysts that provided the estimates is also provided in the small bracket along with…

  • CapEx To Depreciation and Amortization (SM.Capex_DA)

    CapEx To Depreciation and Amortization (SM.Capex_DA) measures where does a company stands in its investment cycle. When a new investment is made, capex goes up, then it is expensed over time. Longer term, Capex/D&A should converge towards 1.0. A company in expansion usually needs to increase Capex at a faster…

  • Capital Expenditures (Consensus Model) (SE.Capex)

    Capital Expenditures (Consensus Model) (SE.Capex), for historical periods, refers to the adjusted value of Capital Expenditures based on the operations of the company. For future periods, it refers to the mean of Capital Expenditures estimates provided by analysts.

  • Capital Expenditures (SF.CF.CapitalExpenditures)

    Capital Expenditures (SF.CF.CapitalExpenditures) is the sum of: Purchase of Fixed Assets (SF.CF.PurchaseOfFixedAssets) Purchase/Acquisition of Intangibles (SF.CF.Purchase_AcquisitionOfIntangibles) Software Development Costs (SF.CF.SoftwareDevelopmentCosts)

  • Capital Lease Obligation (SM.CapitalLeaseObligations)

    Capital Lease Obligation (SM.CapitalLeaseObligations) refers to that portion of capitalized lease obligations which is due in more than one year. It is equivalent to the “Capital Lease Obligations (SF.BS.CapitalLeaseObligations)” value of Standardized model.

  • Capital Lease Obligations (SF.BS.CapitalLeaseObligations)

    Capital Lease Obligations (SF.BS.CapitalLeaseObligations) refers to the portion of capitalized lease obligations due in more than one year. An asset in financial lease can be capitalized when its lease period is substantially close to the useful life of the asset. It is then subject to depreciation. Capital Lease Obligations (SF.BS.CapitalLeaseObligations)…

  • Cash (SF.BS.Cash)

    Cash (SF.BS.Cash) refers to cash in hand, balances on demand deposits, and short-term savings and time deposits. These items should be readily available for use and should not have any contractual restrictions that limit their use in payment of debts and other operational cash needs. Cash (SF.BS.Cash) includes: Cash in…