• Depletion (SF.CF.Depletion)

    [Discontinued since 2013] Depletion (SF.CF.Depletion) is a non-cash expense. It is an equivalent of depreciation but is applied to depletable Consumable Fixed Assets or Rights on Mining Assets, such as Oil Reserves, Forests or Mineral Extraction Rights. Depletion (SF.CF.Depletion) has been discontinued since 2013. This value is currently collected as…

  • Deposits (SF.CF.Deposits)

    Deposits (SF.CF.Deposits) is the cash flow from changes in the level of deposits from customers for banks. Deposits (SF.CF.Deposits) includes: Changes in demand/saving/time deposits, (Certificates of Deposits), NOW, money market account Maturing of Certificates of Deposits.

  • Depreciation (SF.CF.DepreciationNonCashExp)

    Depreciation (SF.CF.DepreciationNonCashExp) is the expense to write off the cost of a capitalized Plant or Machinery over its useful life by assessing wear and tear, obsolescence and salvage value. It may include Amortization if Amortization is not reported separately. Depreciation (SF.CF.DepreciationNonCashExp) includes: Depletion Amortization of intangibles (when it is not…

  • Depreciation (SF.IS.DepreciationExp)

    Depreciation (SF.IS.DepreciationExp) refers to an accounting process in which the cost of tangible fixed assets is allocated to expenses, over the usable life of the assets. If the company does not distinguish depreciation from amortization of intangibles, amortization of tangibles, then all these values are represented by Depreciation (SF.IS.DepreciationExp). However,…

  • Depreciation & amortization (SM.DA_Exp)

    Depreciation & amortization (SM.DA_Exp) is the sum of depreciation expenses, amortization of intangibles expenses and other depreciation & amortization expenses. It can show as a sum of Depreciation (SF.CF.DepreciationNonCashExp) and Amortization of Intangibles (SF.CF.AmortizationOfIntangibles) given in the cash flow statement of the standardized model.

  • Depreciation & Amortization Estimate History (SE.DA_Exp_est)

    Depreciation & Amortization Estimate History (SE.DA_Exp_est) returns the D&A estimate history calculated using mean EBIT estimate and mean EBITDA estimate. Only the mean value for the estimate is available. Estimates for any period are available as a daily time series.

  • Depreciation & Amortization Expense (Consensus Model) (SE.DA_Exp)

    Depreciation & Amortization Expense (Consensus Model) (SE.DA_Exp), for historical periods, refers to the adjusted value of Depreciation & Amortization Expense based on the operations of the company. For future periods, it refers to the mean of Depreciation & Amortization Expense estimates provided by analysts.

  • Depreciation Expense (SF.IS.DepreciationExp_Banks)

    Depreciation Expense (SF.IS.DepreciationExp_Banks) refers to depreciation expenses of tangible fixed assets of a bank. Depreciation Expense (SF.IS.DepreciationExp_Banks) may include amortization expense, when the company does not distinguish it from depreciation of tangible fixed assets. Depreciation Expense (SF.IS.DepreciationExp_Banks) refers to the cost reported on the face of the income statement, or…

  • Depreciation expense (SM.Dep_opex)

    Depreciation expense (SM.Dep_opex) is the expense allocated to the cost of tangible assets over the useful life of the assets. It is equivalent to the “Depreciation (SF.IS.DepreciationExp)” from the standardized model.

  • Depreciation expense (SM.TotalDep_Exp)

    Depreciation expense (SM.TotalDep_Exp) is the expense allocated to the cost of tangible assets over the useful life of the assets. It is generally equivalent to “Depreciation/Depletion (SF.CF.Depreciation_Depletion)” but in case this is not available, it fallbacks to “Depreciation, Supplemental (SF.Notes.IS.DepreciationSuppl)” from the standardized model.