• FCF Less Dividend (SM.FCF_Less_Div)

    FCF Less Dividend (SM.FCF_Less_Div) is simply dividend subtracted from Free cash Flow. It can be shown as- “Free Cash Flow (SM.FCF) – (Gross Dividends – Common Stock (SF.IS.GrossDiv_CommonStock))”.

  • FCF Per Share (Consensus Model) (SE.FCFPS)

    FCF Per Share (Consensus Model) (SE.FCFPS), for historical periods, refers to the adjusted value of FCF Per Share based on the operations of the company. For future periods, it refers to the mean of FCF Per Share estimates provided by analysts.

  • FCF Per Share (SF.CF.FCFPerShare)

    FCF Per Share (SF.CF.FCFPerShare) is based on the free cash flow number for the period and the shares outstanding for that period. It is calculated as “Free Cash Flow (SF.CF.FCF)/Total Common Shares Outstanding (SF.BS.TotalCommonSharesOutstanding)”.

  • FCF Per Share Estimate History (SE.FCFPS_est)

    FCF Per Share Estimate History (SE.FCFPS_est) returns the FCF per share estimate history from IBES. Estimates for any period are available as a daily time series. Mean, median, high, low & standard deviation of analyst estimates is available. Number of analysts that provided the estimates is also provided in the…