• Leases – Gross (SF.BS.LeasesGross)

    Leases – Gross (SF.BS.LeasesGross) refers to the properties leased out under operating lease/rented out. Leases – Gross (SF.BS.LeasesGross) does not include: Property in use held under finance lease (shown in Other Properties/Plant/Equipment – Gross (SF.BS.OtherPPEGross)) Properties leased out under finance lease by financial lease companies (not shown in assets) Tenant…

  • Levered FCF Margin (%) (SM.LeveredFCFMargin)

    Levered FCF Margin (%) (SM.LeveredFCFMargin) returns Cash Flow from Operations less Capex (capex includes PP&E but also Intangibles and Software development costs) as a percentage of Revenue. It can be shown as- “(Free Cash Flow (SM.FCF) / Revenue (SM.Revenue)) * 100”.