• Operating cash flow coverage ratio (SM.CFO_int_exp)

    Operating cash flow coverage ratio (SM.CFO_int_exp) is defined as the number of times interest expense can be paid using the operating cash flow. It can be shown as- (EBITDAAdjusted + CapEx) /(-1* InterestExpense)         *Here since, SM.Capex is already a negative  value in the model, we are…

  • Operating Expense (Consensus Model) (SE.Opex_Adj)

    Operating Expense (Consensus Model) (SE.Opex_Adj), for historical periods, refers to the adjusted value of Operating Expense based on the operations of the company. For future periods, it refers to the mean of Operating Expense estimates provided by analysts.

  • Operating Expense Estimate History (SE.Opex_Adj_est)

    Operating Expense Estimate History (SE.Opex_Adj_est) returns the operating expense estimate history calculated using mean revenue estimate and mean EBIT estimate. Only the mean value for the estimate is available. Estimates for any period are available as a daily time series.

  • Operating Income (SF.IS.OpIncome)

    Operating Income (SF.IS.OpIncome) refers to the total revenues from all of a company’s operating activities, after deducting any sales adjustments and excise taxes, reduced by total expenses that are operating in nature, such as variable costs which is directly related to the volume of sales, indirect operating costs, depreciation or…

  • Operating lease and rental expenses (SM.OperatingLeaseRentalExpense)

    The operating lease and rental expenses (SM.OperatingLeaseRentalExpense) consist of the expenses paid for offices, factories, and equipment. This information is most of time pulled off the supplemental notes although it is sometimes part of the main income statement. It defaults to the “Rental Expense, Supplemental (SF.Notes.IS.RentalExpenseSuppl)” value from Standardized model.

  • Operations & Maintenance (SF.IS.OperationsAndMaintenance)

    Operations & Maintenance (SF.IS.OperationsAndMaintenance) refers to costs of operating and maintaining utility facilities and distribution networks, other than direct costs of goods and services sold. It is classified as an operating expense. Operations & Maintenance (SF.IS.OperationsAndMaintenance) includes: Operation and maintenance of power generating plants and power transmission grids Operation and…

  • Options Exercised (SF.CF.OptionsExercised)

    Options Exercised (SF.CF.OptionsExercised) is the cash inflow from the exercise of stock options. Options Exercised (SF.CF.OptionsExercised) includes: Proceeds on the issuance of stock on the exercise of options Redemption/repurchase of stock options.

  • Other Assets (SF.BS.OtherAssets)

    Other Assets (SF.BS.OtherAssets) is the remainder of the assets that have not been Included in: Securities/Indebtedness of Related Party (SF.BS.Securities_IndebtednessOfRelatedParty) Accrued Investment Income (SF.BS.AccruedInvestmentIncome) Reinsurance – Assets (SF.BS.Reinsurance_Asset) Separate Accounts – Assets (SF.BS.SeparateAccounts_Assets) Interest Receivable (SF.BS.InterestReceivable) Other Real Estate Owned (SF.BS.OtherRealEstateOwned) If Current and Non-Current Other Assets (as defined above)…

  • Other Assets (SF.CF.OtherAssetsChange)

    Other Assets (SF.CF.OtherAssetsChange) refers to the changes in Other Assets over the period. An increase in Other Assets negatively impacts the Cash Flow from Operations, while a decrease in Other Assets positively impacts the Cash Flow from Operations. Other Assets (SF.CF.OtherAssetsChange) includes: Deposits to suppliers Changes in due from directors…