• Pre-Tax Income – Adjusted (SM.EBT_Adj)

    Pre-Tax Income – Adjusted (SM.EBT_Adj) is the mean analyst estimate for earnings before tax. If the the mean estimate is not available, it is calculated as EBIT Adjusted less net non-operating expense (income) and other non-operating expense (income). It defaults to Pre-Tax Income from the Consensus Model.

  • Pre-Tax Profit (Consensus Model) (SE.EBT_Adj)

    Pre-Tax Profit (Consensus Model) (SE.EBT_Adj), for historical periods, refers to the adjusted value of Pre-Tax Profit based on the operations of the company. For future periods, it refers to the mean of Pre-Tax Profit estimates provided by analysts.

  • Pre-Tax Profit Estimate History (SE.EBT_Adj_est)

    Pre-Tax Profit Estimate History (SE.EBT_Adj_est) returns the pre-tax profit estimate history from IBES. Estimates for any period are available as a daily time series. Mean, median, high, low & standard deviation of analyst estimates is available. Number of analysts that provided the estimates is also provided in the small bracket…

  • Preferred and Convertible Shares (SM.Preferred&ConvertibleShares)

    Preferred and Convertible Shares (SM.Preferred&ConvertibleShares) refers to the sum of redeemable and non-redeemable, convertible, preferred stock of the entity. It can be represented as- “Redeemable Preferred Stock, Total (SF.BS.RedeemablePreferredStockTotal) + Preferred Stock – Non-Redeemable, Net (SF.BS.NonRedeemablePreferredStockNet) – General Partner (SF.BS.GeneralPartner) – Treasury Stock – Preferred (SF.BS.TreasuryStockPreferred)”.

  • Preferred dividend expense (SM.PreferredDividends)

    Preferred dividend expense (SM.PreferredDividends) is the dividend distributed on issued preferred stock of a company (including its subsidiaries). It is equivalent to the “Preferred Dividends (SF.IS.PreferredDividends)” value from Standardized model.

  • Preferred Dividends (SF.IS.PreferredDividends)

    Preferred Dividends (SF.IS.PreferredDividends) refers to the total amount of the current dividend which is required on issued preferred stock of a company (including its subsidiaries). Preferred stockholders often forgo voting rights and receive a fixed dividend which is given preference over the payment of dividends to common stockholders. Preferred dividends…

  • Preferred Stock – Non-Redeemable (SF.BS.NonRedeemablePreferredStock)

    Preferred Stock – Non-Redeemable (SF.BS.NonRedeemablePreferredStock) refers to the value of non-redeemable/convertible preferred stock. Preferred shares usually have a fixed rate of dividend to the nominal value without any specific maturity. However, most non-redeemable preferred stock has redemption, voting and conversion clauses with certain conditions. In general, Preferred shares have: Preference…

  • Preferred Stock – Non-Redeemable, Net (SF.BS.NonRedeemablePreferredStockNet)

    Preferred Stock – Non-Redeemable, Net (SF.BS.NonRedeemablePreferredStockNet) is the sum of: Preferred Stock – Non-Redeemable (SF.BS.NonRedeemablePreferredStock) Convertible Preferred Stock – Non-Redeemable (SF.BS.NonRedeemableConvertiblePreferredStock) Treasury Stock – Preferred (SF.BS.TreasuryStockPreferred) General Partner (SF.BS.GeneralPartner) Preferred Stock – Non-Redeemable, Net (SF.BS.NonRedeemablePreferredStockNet) does not include: Total number of preferred shares outstanding (shown in “Total Preferred Shares Outstanding”…

  • Preferred Stock, Net (SF.CF.PreferredStockNet)

    Preferred Stock, Net (SF.CF.PreferredStockNet) is the net sum of: Sale/Issuance of Preferred (SF.CF.Sale_IssuanceOfPreferred) Repurchase/Retirement of Preferred (SF.CF.Repurchase_RetirementOfPreferred). It is also used when the company does not report separately the Issuance of Preferred Stock and the Retirement of Preferred Stock.

  • Prepaid Expenses (SF.BS.PrepaidExpenses)

    Prepaid Expenses (SF.BS.PrepaidExpenses) refers to goods or services that have already been purchased, but not yet been fully consumed or used. Prepaid Expenses (SF.BS.PrepaidExpenses) is a part of current assets, as benefits are expected to accrue within one year or an operating cycle of the company, whichever is longer, from…