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Aggregate News

For multiple decades, professionals have complained that similar news articles take up precious screen real estate, reduce their productivity, and waste their time. In response Sentieo is introducing “Aggregate News” functionality to reduce clutter, improve efficiency and make professionals’ lives better. 


Aggregate News is the ability to aggregate similar “News” articles (by ticker or across tickers) into one cluster across a specific timeframe (same day). The function works across Sentieo News, Twitter and RSS feeds. At heart, Aggregate News is a model based on words in the article title. Sentieo optimized the model to group as many similar articles as possible while minimizing the risk of false positives.

Once you run a search on News, RSS Feeds or Twitter the “Aggregate News” option appears (to the right of the “Results” and the left of the filter by “Date”). When you check the “Aggregate News” box Sentieo runs the aggregate model on top of the articles in the results list, aggregating articles from the same day (based on US Eastern timezone).

While Sentieo aggregates the news to improve the “ease of viewing”, aggregating the news does not change the number of results or any of the analytics. In addition, the results in the “Snippets Summary” view do not change (i.e. articles are unclustered in the Snippets Summary)

In the results pane, you can now see the aggregated “Similar News” clusters. One similar article (total of two articles similar) appears for: “Boston Business Journal (Boston, MA): Gig worker debate…” and “Seeking Alpha: Lyft Inc (LYFT) CEO Logan Green on Q2 2021 Results”. Two similar articles (total of three articles) appear for “Automotive News: Lyft posts adjusted profit ahead of target…”. Clicking on the “Show Aggregate News” underneath the article title shows the similar news articles and you can click on each to see the results. Clicking on the “Hide Aggregate News” button (appears only after clicking “Show Aggregate News”) clusters the news articles together again.

Digest Alerts

Use the Aggregate News checkbox to declutter your Saved Search Daily, Weekly or Custom Digest Alerts.  The checkbox will appear when your search includes the News, Twitter or RSS doc types.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Live Support or your Customer Success Representative.


Updated on November 9, 2021

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